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COUNCIL: August 21 RDA Board and Council Meeting Recap

During Tuesday’s meetings:
  • The Council was briefed by members of the Inland Port Authority Board, including Derek Miller, chair of the Board, about the Board’s subcommittees and the future steps for advancing the development of the Port. Miller said the Board sought public input from the community about its concerns during its first meeting.“The vast majority of the public comments that were offered expressed concerns about the environmental impacts that the Inland Port project might have on the Northwest Quadrant,” Miller said.Community engagement will be a key focus of the Board going forward, as it looks to refine and formalize the business plan outlining development of the Port. “It’s not our intent to go out to the community to convince them of all the great benefits that this project will provide, but rather that we get their input and that it be a two-way process. I believe that we’ll end up with a better product and a better outcome.”The Council will hold other information gathering sessions related to the Port during its September 4 and September 11 Work Sessions.
  • The Council discussed and adopted an ordinance amending City code relating to small cell wireless facilities, which are placed by telecommunications companies in public rights-of-way and are used to boost wireless cellular coverage.
  • The Council was briefed by the Housing Gap Coalition about its purpose, goals and the findings of a study about affordable housing, which found that Utah’s lack of affordable housing is the biggest threat to economic growth.
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