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COUNCIL: August 4 Meeting Recap

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Council:

  • Held the second of three fact finding sessions about the Inland Port. Tonight’s presenters included Natalie Gochnour, Executive Director of the Gardner Policy Institute, Cameron Diehl, Executive Director of the Utah League of Cities and Towns, Alan Matheson, Executive Director of the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, and Mayor Jackie Biskupski. Alan Matheson shared a variety of sustainable options to explore, including electrifying as much of the port as possible, following high-efficiency building practices, implementing control technologies on equipment, and more cutting-edge options such as applying special building coatings that absorb ozone.“The decisions we make today are going to have significant and real impacts on the people that live here now and for generations to come. That’s not something to take lightly. And I know nobody in this room does,” he said.

    Natalie Gochnour said the port could serve a significant economic role, especially for rural Utah communities, but that much more planning is needed.

    “There has to be a balance there,” she said. “The key here is there are social benefits and social costs. And we have to weigh those and pick the ones that maximize the benefits and minimize the costs.”

    The Council will hold its third inland port fact finding session on September 11 and will hold a public hearing on September 18. Watch highlights from the first Fact Finding Session here.

  • Adopted an ordinance clarifying regulations for non-conforming signs, which don’t align with current planning and zoning codes. The amendments were initiated by the Council in 2016 and are intended to preserve the character and charm these old signs add to neighborhoods while balancing impacts to neighboring properties,
  • and discussed the City’s Capital Improvement Program  and held and closed several public hearings.
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