Salt Lake City

COUNCIL: March 5 Meeting Recap

On Tuesday’s meeting, the Council:

  • discussed and adopted amendments regulating car-sharing companies at the Salt Lake City International Airport. The changes: eliminate some criminal penalties, introduce new civil penalties, add clarity for use of parking areas and regulation of new business models, and will go into effect after a 90-day waiting period meant to to give all stakeholders an opportunity to broker additional agreements.
  • discussed the development of a Neighborhood Action Plan to support communities adjacent to the new homeless resource centers. The goal is to develop a plan for investments and improvements to the surrounding neighborhoods. The Council will continue to discuss this topic in the coming months.
  • discussed an ordinance that would amend City zoning code relating to the Conditional Building and Site Design Review, which is a process that enables the development of buildings taller or larger than zoning regulations typically allow. The amendments also enable flexible implementation of some design standards. The Council will hold a public hearing on this topic on March 26. As part of the discussion, the newly released Accessory Dwelling Unit handbook was mentioned as a useful resource for residents.
  • read a prepared statement in support of City Council Executive Director Cindy Gust-Jenson. Mayor Jackie Biskupski recently made public comments questioning Cindy‚Äôs integrity. The Council stands with Cindy, who is well-respected and has been ethical and professional throughout her 30 years of service to the City.

Visit the Council’s website for meeting agenda and related materials.

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