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COUNCIL: October 8 Council and RDA Board Meetings

At Tuesday’s Council and RDA Board Meetings:

  • the Board had a follow-up discussion about potential redevelopment of the Utah Theater and adjacent retail property. The Board expressed support to preserve elements of the theater and discussed working with Preservation Utah and other organizations to archive the history of the property. The Board expects to take action in November about development plans.
  • the Board was briefed about the first budget amendment of Fiscal Year 2019-20 for the Redevelopment Agency. The proposal includes additional funding to build the 650 South Main Street TRAX Station, with the hopes the City will be paid back in the future from adjacent developers. The proposal also includes $645,000 for housing loans targeted to very low-income and populations such as seniors, people with disabilities, and those suffering from mental illness or substance abuse. The Board also supported $4.5 million for revolving loan funds which provides commercial loans to developers and non-profits. The funding came about from three loans that were paid off early.
  • the Board approved a loan of up to $3.1 million for a development at 740 West 900 South for the adaptive reuse of two warehouses. The project will include two commercial spaces, activation of a mid-block walkway and public space improvement. This development is the first major project in the 9-Line Project Area.
  • the Council received a presentation from the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute about demographic and migration research in Salt Lake City and throughout the state. The presentation highlighted the many socioeconomic factors, impacts and motivations in Salt Lake City’s growing population. The institute stressed the need for the data from the 2020 Census, which begins April 1, 2020. The City recently hired a Census Coordinator to assist in the 2020 Census efforts.
  • the Council held a third follow-up briefing and adopted the first budget amendment to Salt Lake City’s budget for Fiscal Year 2019-20. The Council unanimously supported funding an additional $50,000 to help fund more school crossing guards. The funding is contingent upon the Salt Lake City School District providing matching funds, and is in addition to what the Administration proposed. The Council also approved increased funding for public art around the City. The additional funding would allow for new art in large Capital Projects, such as sidewalks, parks, urban trails, and murals on public buildings.
  • the Council continued the public hearing for a proposal to temporarily close a portion of 2100 South between approximately SR-201 and 7200 West to address illegal activity and dumping. The Council scheduled a follow-up briefing in the coming weeks to discuss constituent concerns heard at tonight’s public hearing. 
  • the Council interviewed and approved multiple appointments to various City boards and commissions.

Visit the Council’s agenda page for meeting documents and video or view an archive of prior meeting recaps.

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