Salt Lake City

COUNCIL: December 3 Council and RDA Board Meeting Recap

At the Council and RDA Meeting:

  • the Board held its fourth discussion about the redevelopment of the Utah Theater and an adjacent property at 144 South Main Street. The Board adopted a resolution approving a reduced price for the property, also known as a write-down, to the Hines and LaSalle group. The write-down is contingent upon the inclusion of public benefits, including affordable housing units, green space for the public, and creating a detailed record of historical elements of the building.
  • the Council received revenue numbers and reviewed the proposed use of housing program money from the Funding Our Future initiative. This funding is designated for programs aimed at promoting affordability and preventing homelessness, such as offering rental assistance and other support for residents in need. The Council also reviewed process changes for the Fiscal Year 2019-20 housing program applications and expects to further review and then take action on these applications at its December 10 meeting.
  • the Council adopted a resolution that approved a $1.5 million Housing Trust Fund loan and a property lease agreement for The Magnolia, a 65-unit permanent supportive housing development at 165 South 300 East.
  • the Council discussed and held a public hearing for a YouthCity Programs fee waiver for youth who qualify for free or reduced lunch. The City recently applied for and received the grant match of $230,000 for the next three years. The fee waiver is expected to be formally approved at the December 10 meeting.
  • the Council approved an ordinance to adjust the shared boundary between Salt Lake City and the City of Millcreek. The adjustment includes an area bordered by 1300 East Street and Highland Drive, and Miller Avenue and Woodland Avenue, as well as a roundabout at approximately 2300 East and 2700 South. Following this step, both cities will submit the boundary adjustment paperwork to the State for approval. 

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