Salt Lake City

COUNCIL: March 3 Council Meeting

At today’s meetings, the Council:

  • adopted a joint ceremonial resolution with Mayor Mendenhall honoring the 100th anniversary of The League of Women Voters. Watch here
  • adopted the Foothills Trail System Master Plan. This is the first master plan for the Foothills Natural Area, running from the North Salt Lake boundary, south to Emigration Canyon. The plan aims to improve and create trails that are environmentally sustainable, enjoyable, accessible, safe, and low-maintenance. In response to concerns and questions raised at the February 18th public hearing, Council Member Chris Wharton made a special note reassure the public that this plan will help guide implementation and there will be future discussions and funding decisions, with opportunities for the public to continue providing feedback. This includes a future plan update to address the area between Emigration and Parleys Canyons. See responses to the February 18th public hearing questions here
  • received a presentation from the Public Lands Division about the draft Public Lands Needs Assessment. This draft assessment identifies neighborhoods where access to parks should be improved and provides the foundation for the City’s first Comprehensive Public Lands Master Plan. The plan would identify future opportunities for open space and parks in the City, as well as assessing options and costs for maintenance and amenities.
  • continued the discussion from their mid-February Retreat and confirmed details on several projects the Council is interested in, including economic development, housing and support for vulnerable community members, transportation, and ways to maintain and fund City assets, among other interests. Council and Administrative staff will continue identifying opportunities for coordination and come back to the Council with some proposed briefing items on the various projects.
  • heard public comment on a proposal that would incorporate Sugar House Business District Design Standards into the Sugar House Business District Zone. The Council heard from some community members about the need for improved walkability, impacts of the proposed design standards on activities in District Seven, and other comments before continuing the public hearing date to a future meeting. Design guidelines include regulations on such things as building facade design, spacing of doorways, glass transparency, and public way improvements. 
  • discussed and set the public hearing dates for various rezone proposals.

Visit the Council’s agenda page for meeting documents and video or view an archive of prior meeting recaps.

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