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COUNCIL: Recap of May 5 Council and RDA Board Meetings

At today’s Council and RDA Meetings:

  • the Council received Mayor Mendenhall’s first proposed budget as Mayor for the upcoming Fiscal Year 2020-21. The proposal, which formally kicks off the City’s annual budget process can be found here. Throughout the coming weeks, the Council will review and discuss the proposals during its 2 p.m. Work Session meetings and expects to formally vote mid-to late June. Two public hearings are set to accept public comment on the proposals: Tuesday, May 19 and June 2nd each at 7 p.m. Until further notice, meetings are virtual and information on how to participate remotely can be found here.

  • the Council received an update from Mayor Mendenhall and some staff members on the City’s response to the COVID-19 local emergency. Most notable was a proposal to use some funds for stabilizing housing expenses for residents. The funding would come in the form of rental assistance, mortgage assistance, and new housing (or re-housing) options. More information about the funding and how to access the funds would be available within the coming month or so, after review by an advisory board and the Council. In addition, County Mayor Jenny Wilson and Health Department Director Gary Edwards provided information about how to navigate the move to “Orange” for businesses and residents, as part of Governor Herbert’s Utah Leads Together 2.0 Plan. The Council also approved a 30-day extension of the current local emergency declaration related to the COVID-19 pandemic. All Salt Lake County-based businesses can access and receive immediate resource guidance by calling the Business Relief Hotline at (385) 468-4011, which can be called Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. They can also reach out to with questions, which will provide replies as soon as possible.

  • the Council received an update on how to work with companies for use of electric scooters and other dockless, shared mobility devices in the City. City staff will bring back more information about how to accommodate the Council’s policy goals and address constituent concerns related to scooter speed, rides on sidewalks, helmets and other liability issues, and fees for the companies. Once more information is sent, a follow-up briefing will be held in the coming months.

  • the Council discussed with the Administration possible goals, priorities, and format for an updated Transportation Master Plan. The new citywide plan would replace the plan adopted in 1996. Discussion included prioritizing three overarching goals: equity, sustainability, and good governance. The Administration intends to submit a proposal to the Council in the coming months for consideration, which would include review during Council work session, public hearings, and a formal adoption. 

  • the Council received a briefing on the proposed budget for the Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake & Sandy. The District provides additional water resources for Salt Lake City water customers. Although there are multiple construction projects, the District will not be increasing water rates this year.  Since there is no proposed tax increase, the Council will not need to take action on the District’s budget, but residents can find out more about budget hearings held at the District by visiting their website here

  • the Board approved a loan adjustment for Richmond Flats, a 60-unit affordable housing development that would be priced at 41-60% AMI, located at approximately 2960 South Richmond Street. The adjustment phases in $1.5 million of the $1.8 million loan to allow for property acquisition before needed rezoning occurs. That interest-deferred loan will be rolled into permanent financing for the project when construction begins. This development will be in a high-opportunity area, which are generally areas of the City where residents tend to have better access to factors affecting their potential economic mobility, such as jobs, schools and public transit. This loan is contingent on a successful petition by the developer to change the property’s zoning, which will be formally considered by the City Council in a future meeting. The Council is free to reject the petition for zoning change should it become aware of any issues.

  • the Board approved Budget Amendment No. 4 for Fiscal Year 2019-20. The amendment included recapturing $2.9 million from a proposed shared parking structure in the Station Center area to instead be used for potential property acquisition and development in the same area, among other changes. The two-block Station Center project has a total budget over $12 million for improvements to public infrastructure, utilities, RDA-owned properties, and other development activities.

Stay up to date on the City’s budget process, information, and ways to provide public comment and submit feedback here

All agenda-related comments received through any source are shared with the Council and added to the Council public meeting record.

Visit the Council’s agenda page for meeting documents and video or view an archive of prior meeting recaps.

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