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COUNCIL: August 11 Meeting Recap

At today’s meetings, the Council:

  • received an update from the Administration about the Mayor’s emergency proclamation for COVID-19. Administrative staff review the latest data every week and while recent trends are promising, for now the recommendation from health experts is to remain at the “orange” risk phase. City staff continues to work with the Police Department and County Health Department to identify a process that would ensure safety of health department employees as they address encampments, as this became more of a concern in recent months.

  • received an update about progress on City projects related to racial equity and policing. This update primarily focused on potential changes to the City’s Police Civilian Review Board (PCRB). The Council asked the City Attorney’s Office to draft a number of changes to existing ordinances while complying with State law, and requested that staff arrange opportunities for PCRB Board members to meet with Council Members to make their own suggestions for improvements. The update also included information on the new Racial Equity in Policing (REP) Commission. The REP Commission Members have been working on filling out the complete Commission (which will consist of 21 voting members), establishing rules of procedure, and preparing to conduct open meetings that are accessible to the public. They are also considering other means for receiving public comments, such as small-group listening sessions for individuals who prefer not to take part in open and public meetings. The Commission hopes to deliver final recommendations on changes in all aspects of racial equity in policing to the Council and Mayor by July 2021. For any questions or recommendations to the Commission, the public can email: Watch the briefing here.

  • held a follow-up briefing for proposed Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects. Discussion included future improvements to the process especially as it relates to constituent-requested projects, potential future projects for additional lighting at Jefferson Park and on Paramount Ave by the Gail Miller Human Resource Center, and balancing the competing needs of constituent projects and neighborhood needs through the CIP process.  At a future meeting, the Council expects to receive a briefing from the Transportation Division about 10 proposed projects that would use funding from a County transportation tax pass-through (a sales tax the County collects and “passes through” to Cities for transportation projects). The Council expects to take action on the proposed CIP funding for projects in the August 18 formal meeting.

  • held a follow-up discussion and the second of two public hearings about the proposed ordinance to regulate electric scooters and other dockless shared mobility devices in the City. The update primarily covered a broad framework for amending the Consolidated Fee Schedule as part of the dockless shared mobility device ordinance. Please note, the project timeline listed on the agenda item mistakenly indicated the Council would take action on the ordinance tonight, however no action has been scheduled at this time. Council Members will meet in small groups over the coming months to go over the fee proposal in greater detail. When a new proposed fee amendment is complete, additional public hearings will be set to accept public input and Council action will be re-considered at that time.

  • held a Truth in Taxation public hearing. This is a State-required public hearing when the City uses both a Judgement Levy and Property Tax Stabilization during a fiscal year. While this hearing formally finalizes the budget for the fiscal year, it does not mean changes cannot be made through budget amendments. Learn more about the City’s budget process here.

  • accepted public comment and continued the public hearings for several land use items. 

  • Approved the appointment of Ben Kolendar as Director of the Economic Development Department.

  • Approved the appointment of Debra Alexander as Chief Human Resources Officer.

All agenda-related comments received through any source are shared with the Council and added to the Council public meeting record.

Visit the Council’s agenda page for meeting documents and video or view an archive of prior meeting recaps.

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