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COUNCIL: September 15th Council Meetings Recap

At today’s Council Meetings:

  • The Council received updates from the Mayor’s Administration relating to City Proclamations Declaring Local Emergencies for COVID-19, March Earthquake, Recent Protests, and a September windstorm:
  • Windstorm: The Administration reported the clean up is ongoing on all fronts, including the State, County, other cities helping, and the National Guard helping in Rose Park today. More than 1 million pounds of debris have been collected from the storm. Tree and sidewalk damage is extensive in parts of the City, and crews are working to address it. Because of this work some park & street maintenance will be delayed this season.
  • COVID19: The Administration briefed the Council on the current “yellow” status of the City, second lowest in pandemic risk category. Data indicates that hospital ICU usage is low, although case numbers are moving back up. The City is continuing their efforts aimed at Mortgage and Rental Assistance programs.
  • Encampment: The Administration briefly discussed the Mayor’s 12-week plan to help relieve the condition of people experiencing homelessness in neighborhoods, including encampments throughout Salt Lake City, and indicated that winter shelter discussions are moving forward with State and County partners. To help answer questions and concerns about camp abatement, here’s a City FAQ:

The Council was briefed about:

  • an ordinance that would amend the zoning map and future land use map for property located at 833 South 800 East. Under the applicant’s proposal, the two properties would be consolidated into one parcel for the development of 23 residential units. Public Hearings will be held in October.
  • a long-planned $60 million water conveyance project that will span the valley from the City’s water resources on the eastern side to customers on the western and northern sides of the service area. Questions? 801 210-8433.
  • a resolution that would approve an interlocal agreement with the City’s Redevelopment Agency for the diversion of property tax for the 9-Line Community Reinvestment Project Area. The Council also was briefed about a resolution that would approve an interlocal agreement with the RDA for the diversion of property tax for the State Street Community Reinvestment Project Area. The resolutions unanimously passed in the Formal Meeting.
  • a proposed ordinance that would restrict the Salt Lake City Police Department from receiving or acquiring certain military surplus equipment property such as military-grade weapons, combat aircraft and armored vehicles. A Council vote will be scheduled at a later date.

The Council received a follow-up briefing on:

  • changes to the City’s Demolition ordinance. The proposed changes are intended to streamline the process for demolitions on commercial and residential properties, remove the requirement for a replacement use, landscape plan and bond, and provide clarity to the enforcement process for boarded buildings. Changes also include enhancements to the tools to legally declare buildings a nuisance. A Public Hearing is planned for October.
  • an ordinance that would amend the current City budget. The proposal (Budget Amendment No. 2) includes funding for additional publicly-accessible internet access and expansion of the City’s Youth and Family program to help with childcare and education, among other items. The amendment unanimously passed in the Formal Meeting.

Also in the FORMAL Meeting:

  • General Comments were heard by the Council from 47 people, many on the topic of the cleanup of encampments for those experiencing homelessness and other related issues.
  • Public Hearings were held on seven items.

The Council interviewed:

  • Dr. Ivis Garcia prior to considering her appointment to the Human Rights Commission for a term ending December 30, 2024. The appointment was approved.
  • Moana Uluave-Hafoka prior to considering her appointment to the Cultural Core Budget Committee for a term ending September 15, 2024. The appointment was approved.

All agenda-related comments received through any source are shared with the Council and added to the Council public meeting record.

Visit the Council’s agenda page for meeting documents and video or view an archive of prior meeting recaps.

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