Salt Lake City

COUNCIL: October 28, 2020 Meeting

At their October 28, 2020 Limited Formal Meeting:

1. The Council officially adopted a joint ceremonial resolution with Mayor Mendenhall declaring November as Native American Heritage Month in Salt Lake City. While Council Members supported the resolution at the October 20th meeting, they inadvertently skipped formally adopting it.

2.  The Council held a public hearing for, and then adopted Budget Amendment No. 3. This ordinance amends the final budget of Salt Lake City, including the employment staffing document, for Fiscal Year 2020-21. Budget amendments happen several times each year to reflect adjustments to the City’s budgets, including proposed project additions and modifications. This amendment includes funding for Airport Projects, Racial Equity in Policing Commission operating costs, and windstorm expenses, among other items. Additional information can be found in the Council’s agenda packet.

* This meeting was scheduled to correct process errors for the above two items, which were on a previous agenda. Special meetings are additional Council meetings outside of the regular schedule. Limited meetings do not include a general comment period.

All agenda-related comments received through any source are shared with the Council and added to the Council public meeting record.

Visit the Council’s agenda page for meeting documents and video or view an archive of prior meeting recaps.

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