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COUNCIL: December 1st Meeting Recap

At Today’s Council Meetings

Council Work Session items

The Council received: 
  • an informational update relating to the local emergencies such as COVID-19: 
    • the Mayor says the Covid numbers have somewhat dropped, but that was expected with less testing due to the holiday;
    • the City is awaiting word on a third distribution of the federal CARES funding;
    • the Mayor says her Administration is working with officials on a vaccination plan when the vaccines arrive.

  • an informational update on relieving the condition of people experiencing homelessness. The Administration reported: 
    • the Community Commitment program continues, they are working 500 west/900 South, with portable restrooms added to the area;
    • the Resources Centers have been open to new intakes;
    • hotel vouchers for people experiencing homelessness are available, but the overflow winter shelter (a 60 bed shelter not in SLC) is not ready yet (perhaps next week); a coalition of partners is still seeking a second overflow shelter.
    • The Police Chief reports they have been working with St. Marks Cathedral about people gathering near there. The Chief says many are shelter resistant. A recent weekend concentration of officers in the area resulted in arrests, reducing crime. A portable camera placed nearby has helped.  

  • an informational update also from the PD Chief who noted the Community Intelligence Unit (CIU) model is changing and being renamed to the Division Community Liaison Officers (DCLO). The liaison officers will be assigned per Division (Pioneer, Central and Liberty) rather than per Council District. The DCLOs will also report higher up in the chain of command, have greater access to deploy division resources, participate more in crime data assessments and addressing hot spots, and operate as a team for each division which will include a captain, lieutenant and DCLO. The liaison officers will continue to attend community council meetings. Council Members asked how fewer DCLO officers than CIU officers will be responsive to communities and expressed concerns about how the model changing could impact community oriented policing service levels.

  • an update on recent efforts on various projects related to racial equity and policing in the City. It included:
    • Council staff sharing information and upcoming Racial Equity in Policing Commission meetings and other updates. The Commission normally meets on Wednesday but adjustments are being made because of the holidays. Three Commission subcommittees also are meeting and are open to the public.  More info:

Other Agenda items
The Council:

  • was briefed about and discussed proposed changes to the Police Civilian Review Board (known as the PCRB or CRB). The ordinance outlines independent civilian oversight of police conduct in specific cases through the complaint review process. Council support was expressed via straw polls in favor of:
    • expanding the size of the Board to 21 members;
    • requiring the presence of a majority of sitting CRB members to form a panel for each case;
    • reducing barriers to serving on the Board;
    • increasing the period for complaints to be filed to sixty days, and
    • mandating an annual briefing to the Council.
    • The item is scheduled for a vote on Tuesday, December 8.
    • The Council also asked the Administration to consider facilitating the CRB’s work now and in the future in several additional ways, including a study of options for potentially providing honoraria for some or all Boards and Commissions across the City.

  • had an informational briefing on a Comprehensive Housing and Planning Petition. The Department of Community and Neighborhood staff led the briefing on a variety of planning petitions related to housing issues in the City. These issues include affordability, increasing housing supply, diversifying housing options, and neighborhood compatibility.
    • An example: City housing prices have continued to rise during the pandemic and the rise is expected to continue.
    • The extended goal of this comprehensive briefing (which included 11 policy options) and others is so the Council and the public can link proposals together that will be considered in the next few months (whether active petitions, pending, or not yet determined) and consider them with a “big picture” policy context.
    • Some of the topics include: RMF-30 Text Amendment, Shared Housing Text Amendment, Off Street Parking Text Amendment, Affordable Housing Overlay, and Residential Housing Loss Mitigation.
    • Council Members also discussed issues such as housing equity, public transportation expansion, and public assets. It’s expected this comprehensive discussion will extend through next year.
    • See the Council discussion starting at 3:35pm (1.35 minutes in to the meeting)
    • Please note: The Council did not take action on these proposals at this meeting. Each item may have future stand-alone briefings and public hearings before the Council takes action.

  • was briefed about a proposed joint resolution with the Mayor. The focus of the resolution is electrification of transportation modes that otherwise heavily rely on gasoline, diesel or natural gas. If approved, the resolution would memorialize Administration and Council commitment, and provide direction for City departments and divisions to collaborate on transportation strategies that will improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions. It is scheduled for a possible vote on Tuesday, Dec. 8.

Formal Meeting

  • Police Officer Body-worn Cameras: The Council adopted a new ordinance for the Police Department’s use of body-worn cameras. This ordinance formalizes recent policies and executive orders guiding body-worn camera use and footage release. This is part of a multifaceted approach the City is taking to examine internal systems and identify paths toward better accountability and equity.
  • The Council adopted a joint ceremonial resolution with the Mayor in support of creating the Fairpark Public Market in partnership with the State of Utah and Salt Lake County. Fairpark officials and others accepted the resolution. The Public Market is scheduled to open this May.
  • PUBLIC HEARINGS were held, four in all, and action is expected on each of the items at the December 8th meeting:  Street Vacation Near 800 North and Warm Springs Road, 2020 Salt Lake City Water Conservation Plan, Dockless Shared Mobility, and Creating an Appeal Hearing Officer System by repealing the Civil Service Commission and Employee Appeals Board.  

All agenda-related comments received through any source are shared with the Council and added to the Council public meeting record.

Visit the Council’s agenda page for meeting documents and video or view an archive of prior meeting recaps.

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