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COUNCIL: March 2 Council Meeting Recap

At today’s Council Meetings:

  • The Racial Equity in Policing Commission officially presented its first set of recommendations, three in all, about the Police Department training practices.
  • The Council discussed the legal framework governing small cell wireless facilities in the public right of wayFederal and state laws regulate many aspects of the facilities but potential policy directions were considered.
  • The Mayor’s team recognized the hard work of 911 employees, who took 800,000 calls last year. The Police Chief called them the “angels of the airwaves.”

Council Work Session items
The Council received:

  • an informational update from the Mayor’s Administration relating to the local emergencies including COVID-19: 
    • the Mayor reports the City has been meeting with County Health officials on the vaccine schedule. More distribution locations have been added. Certain zip codes with higher virus rates are being targeted with small clinics.

  • an informational update on relieving the condition of people experiencing homelessness:
    • the Mayor reported the Community Commitment Program is continuing to hold Resource Fairs with community partners before encampments are closed. The Mayor noted the Rio Grande area and other encampments are being reviewed for services.
  • an update on recent efforts on various projects related to racial equity and policing in the City:
    • the Racial Equity in Policing (REP) Commission introduced its first set of recommendations to the City from the REP Training subcommittee. An example: more active recruitment for diversity among field training officers. Another: expand the Crisis Intervention Team beyond one shift. The Council signaled its support for the suggestions. Read more: More on the Commission
    • the Youth subcommittee also suggested the continuance of community-based partnerships with the City, such as the REP, to address this and similar topics in the future. The Council also signaled support for this continued effort.
    • the REP continues to meet regularly, usually weekly. The next full REP meeting is scheduled for March 10.
  • an informational update from the Police Chief who gave a report on the 4 bike squads and their focus areas around the City. The team has made 60 felony arrests since the start of the year. The Chief also gave an update on the personnel in the Community Liaison Officers team for each District in the City.

Other Agenda items
The Council received:

  • a follow-up briefing about a proposal to amend the RMF-30 (Low Density Multi- Family Residential) Zoning District. The changes aim to remove zoning barriers to multi-family housing developments in RMF-30 zoned areas of the City, which includes about 1,000 properties scattered around the City. Zoning tools have been proposed to encourage the preservation of existing housing. Discussion among Council included several interwoven housing issues, including the net loss or gain of housing as a result of this proposal; affordability; housing density; and a housing mitigation study. A public hearing to accept public comment on this item is scheduled for March 16 at 7 p.m.

  • a briefing about the 2020 Salt Lake City Street Lighting Master Plan. Some major changes in the proposed plan include adjustments to how the City chooses lighting in public spaces based on pedestrian activity and transportation needs, as well as identifies new street lighting standards for retrofit and new construction. This updates a 2006 plan. It next goes to the Planning Commission and returns to Council.
  • a briefing about the Public Art Portfolio Maintenance Study, including the goals, outcomes and next steps in the process. The study updates the inventory, about 240 art objects, of City-owned art and assesses the condition of artworks to identify repairs and ongoing maintenance recommendations. More than 80 objects had missing plaques for various reasons, but the reports notes little major damage to most pieces.
  • a briefing about the legal framework governing small cell wireless facilities (5G) in the public right of way. Federal and state laws regulate many aspects of these wireless facilities. Some design standards, of a limited nature, are regulated by the City. The Council discussed potential policy directions, such as incentivizing co-location of the poles, expanding notice to residents, and possible changes to pole design. The issue is expected to return to the Council for discussion.

Formal Meeting items

  • The Council held public hearings on five items. The hearings were closed and all tentatively are scheduled for the Council’s vote on March 16.
    1. Ordinance: West End Alley Vacation (Adjacent to Properties Located at 740 West and 746 West 900 South)
    2. Ordinance: Zoning Map Amendment located at approximately 706 to 740 West 900 South and 710 to 739 West Genesee Avenue
    3. Ordinance: Zoning Amendments at Approximately 2903 South Highland Drive
    4. Ordinance: Rezone at 1301 and 1321 South State Street.
    5. Ordinance: Zoning Amendments at Lincoln Street and 200 South

  • The Council held its regular open comment section, with people who spoke on various topics, including the issue of people experiencing homelessness.


Council approved members for the:

  •  Library Board – David Wirthlin

All agenda-related comments received through any source are shared with the Council and added to the Council public meeting record.

Visit the Council’s agenda page for meeting documents and video or view an archive of prior meeting recaps.

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