Salt Lake City

COUNCIL: August 9 Meetings

At their August 9, 2022 meetings, the Council:

  • Serving as the RDA Board:
    • Approved Emergency Gap Funding Allocations from the Housing Development Loan Program
    • Heard a briefing on the RDA Budget Amendment No. 1 for Fiscal Year 2022-23
  • Serving as the Council:
    • Received a briefing on the proposed 2022 Salt Lake City International Airport Master Plan
    • Continued deliberation of the proposed General Obligation (GO) Bond and Sales Tax Bond
      • On August 16, the Council will formally vote to place the GO Bond and the Sales Tax Bond on the November ballot.
    • Straw polled adding several projects to the Capital Improvement Program Projects log
    • Adopted a joint resolution with Mayor Mendenhall declaring their commitment with Salt Lake County and Olympic Venue Communities to host future Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
  • and more!

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