Salt Lake City

David Garbett

David Garbett

Candidate for Salt Lake City Mayor
David Garbett

1801 S Elizabeth St
Salt Lake City, UT 84105


City of Residence: Salt Lake City
Resident For: 12 years
Occupation: Attorney, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance; Exec. Director, Pioneer Park Coalition; Special Projects, Garbett Homes
Age: 40
Contact Email:

As a father of two young girls, I’m constantly reminded of the extreme challenges our city faces. In the coming years, Salt Lake City will have an opportunity to lead the way in providing clean air, a stable climate, affordable housing, and resources for those in need. As an attorney for the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, I dedicated 10 years of my life to fighting for our environment and public lands; as the executive director of the Pioneer Park Coalition, I worked on the ground with those experiencing homelessness to provide greater resources. My career has been built around these challenges, and as mayor I’ll use my experiences to address our most important concerns.

As mayor, I’ll tackle air quality issues by incentivizing the closure of our largest pollution sources in the city, pursue air quality violators, and switch our electricity to supply to 100% renewables within my first term without raising rates. We’ll also be a pro-housing city where I’ll lower your cost of living by fighting to lower property taxes. Finally, we’ll help our most vulnerable populations get off the streets by ensuring we have enough shelter beds for those experiencing homelessness.

I hope to earn your vote.


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