Salt Lake City

Erin Mendenhall

Erin Mendenhall

Candidate for Salt Lake City Mayor

Erin Mendenhall
P.O. Box 521385
Salt Lake City, UT 84152

City of Residence: Salt Lake City
Resident for:  20 years
Occupation: Salt Lake City Councilwoman
Age: 39
Contact Email:

Erin Mendenhall is a Salt Lake City Councilwoman, now serving the 5th district in her second term. Erin graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah with a degree in Gender Studies and just recently graduated from the University of Utah with a Professional Master in Science and Technology. Prior to joining City Council, she co-founded Breathe Utah, helping to create their curriculum, which as of today, has educated tens of thousands of Utah schoolchildren on air quality issues. In addition to co-founding Breathe Utah, she currently serves as the Chair of the State Air Quality Board. She and her husband, Kyle, are the proud parents of three young children.


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