Salt Lake City

Leo Rodgers

Leo Rodgers

Candidate for City Council District 4

Leo Rodgers
611 S Park St #14
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

City of Residence: Salt Lake City
Resident For: 3 years
Occupation: Grocery Clerk
Age: 22
Contact Email:

Leo is a resident of the Trolley Square area of Salt Lake City, having lived in the area for the past three years with his fiancé, dog, and cat. He is dedicated to strong progressive ideals and believes the city can do more to increase the standard of living for all city residents across all walks of life. In his spare time, he is a social media manager for several progressive groups as well as the founder of his own group called Blue Utah.

His vision for the future of the city is of a city that works for all residents and does so with vigor. Increased accountability and presence of social programs.


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