Salt Lake City

Rainer Huck

Rainer Huck

Candidate for Salt Lake City Mayor
Rainer Huck

Protected pursuant to Utah State Code §63G-2-305(52)


City of Residence: Salt Lake City
Resident For: 70 years
Occupation: Retired
Age: 72
Contact Email:

I’m asking to be your Mayor because I see the American Dream slipping away due to ever expanding government and crushing taxation and regulation. Most of the “issues” being discussed have little or no relevance to the people who live and work in our town. As an immigrant I greatly appreciated the opportunities America provided for each person to pursue happiness and fulfillment in their own way. These opportunities are now rapidly diminishing due to government intrusion in every aspect our lives.

As your Mayor I will:

Stop police shootings and killings. Last year 19 people were killed by police bullets, more than were killed by criminal bullets.

Restore annual cleanup program

Build a homeless campus that will allow people to live with some dignity and safety. The current shelters only accommodate 700 costing $86,000 /person and will be overrun the day they open, doing little to solve the problem

Reduce water/sewer rates and prevent future increases

Save Airport parking structure and terminals

Prevent raids on illegal immigrants living and working here

Eliminate secret police

Stop arrests for victim-less crimes

Rescind sales tax increase

Roll back recent 10% budget increase

My focus is to benefit the working people of SLC


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