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Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

The Fiscal Year (FY) 21/22 CIP application review process with the CDCIP Board completed on April 8, 2021. All CDCIP recommendations were forwarded to the Mayor. At this time, the Mayor has now completed her final CIP recommendations and forwarded those to the City Council as a part of the City’s upcoming budget process. The recommendations can be viewed here in Section D-1 & D-2 (Capital Improvement Program). Please note: The City Council has until September 1st to approve the CIP funding for FY 21/22.

What is the Capital Improvement Program (CIP)?

Salt Lake City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a multi-year planning program of capital expenditures needed to replace or expand the City’s public infrastructure. In other words, CIP pays for big projects like parks, public buildings, and street projects. Have a street, sidewalk, or curb and gutter issue? Please check MyStreet Services for help. 

Capital improvements involve the design, construction, purchase or rehabilitation of the City’s infrastructure including buildings, parks, streets, sidewalks, bridges, transportation, traffic signals or other physical structures.

A capital improvement must have a useful life of five or more years. It also must provide one of the following two elements: has a minimum cost of $50,000 and a maximum cost of $500,000 and satisfies the functionality of a capital asset.

Each budget year, money is set aside for CIP. The City Council reviews the CIP plan during the annual budget process and approves the total amount of available funding. Over the summer, the Council further reviews and appropriates project-specific funding. Learn more about the Council’s role in CIP here.

What is a constituent request? Who can submit one?

Residents, neighborhood groups, community-based organizations, or neighborhood business district organizations of Salt Lake City are able to participate in the CIP process by submitting constituent request applications. See the latest information in the Constituent Request Applications section below.

Constituent Request Applications

*The deadline for constituent applications for fiscal year (FY) 21/22 was October 30, 2020. This deadline was extended to November 6, 2020 to allow applicants who had initiated but incomplete applications due to software glitches. Any application received after the 11/6/20 extension will not be considered for FY 21/22. Please Note: while the constituent application period has ended, the FY 21/22 CIP process continues through its typical cycle. We will welcome constituent applications for FY 22/23 beginning in September 2021 (see timeline here for more details).*

Salt Lake City welcomes and values community input for potential capital improvements throughout the city. Once submitted, constituent request applications are forwarded to the appropriate city division to evaluate for specific criteria and the alignment with the division or city’s master plans, impact fee facilities plan, or capital facilities plan. During this process, division staff will continue to collaborate with the applicants concerning the project scope. After confirming the necessary criteria are met, the city division will submit the application for funding recommendation. If a division finds that the request application does not meet these criteria and/or does not align with the city’s current priorities, they will not submit the application for funding recommendation. Please note: The constituent request application deadline is not the final application submission deadline. Internal divisions are responsible for submitting all final applications for funding recommendations in late December.

Constituent Request Application Criteria:
  • The capital project must have a cost estimate of between $50,000 and $500,000 (for city infrastructure projects, cost estimates must be performed by Salt Lake City’s Engineering Division)
  • The capital project must have a useful life of 5 or more years
  • The capital project must be a Salt Lake City-owned asset
  • Community Outreach or Alternative Public Engagement is required
  • Locate your District, Community Council, and City Council Member with this interactive map

CIP Timeline


  • Projects take at least one year to go through the CIP process, from pre-submittal to allocation
  • The City runs on a July 1 – June 30 Fiscal Year
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