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Impact Fee Refund

Impact Fee Refund

Salt Lake City Corporation (the “City”) collected impact fees related to developments at, the properties listed below.  Under Utah law and City Code, the City must either spend or encumber the impact fees it collected within six years of collection, or refund the impact fees.  In this case, the City did not spend or encumber the fees within the six-year period, and under Utah law, the City is required to refund these impact fees to the original owner(s) of the property. The City has attempted to find the original owners’ last known address, but some are no longer valid, so under Utah Code 11-36a-603(2)(c), the City is required to post notice on the City’s website stating the City’s intent to refund the impact fee to the original owners, as listed below.

This posting in conjunction with the property list below serves as the City’s notice of intent to refund the impact fees to the original owner under Utah Code 11-36a-603(c).

If you believe you are entitled to the impact fee refund as the original owner of the property you may request the impact fee refund. In order to receive the refund, within twelve (12) months of the posted property list, you must:

  • Make a written request for a refund to the Director of Community and Neighborhoods, 451 South State Street, Room 404, P.O. Box 145460, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-5460
  • The written request must include:
    • This form certifying you are the original owner and are legally entitled to the refund.
    • Evidence that you are the original owner of the property and are entitled to the refund. Examples of the evidence could include a Deed or Mortgage Note.  See City Code 18.98.120(C).
    • Signed and completed W-9 Form.
    • Internal Reference #

Please note that the City shall charge an administrative fee for verifying and computing the refund, and the fee will be the lesser of three percent (3%) of the amount of the refund or the City’s actual cost to verify and compute the refund.  See City Code 18.98.120(H).

If the City’s Director of Community and Neighborhoods is in doubt as to whom to refund the impact fees to, the Director may deposit the disputed funds with an appropriate court for disposition as the court may determine.  See City Code 18.98120(C) and Utah Code 11-36a-603(2)(b)(ii).

If you have any questions about the City’s process to refund impact fees that have not been spent or encumbered within six years of collection, please feel free to contact 801-535-7932 or email