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Dangerous and Boarded Buildings Permit Fee Increase

Permit Fee Increase

Dangerous and Boarded Buildings

May 25, 2023 Update

The Administration requested to pull back the proposal so the Planning Commission can review the proposed Boarded Building fee increase. This step will ensure transparency and gather insights for an informed decision-making process.

After the Planning Commission reviews the proposal and provides a recommendation, it will come back to the City Council to review before voting.

Be sure to check back for updates.

The Council is reviewing a proposal to increase permit fees for the owners of dangerous and boarded buildings in Salt Lake City.

The increase would help the City recover costs from inspecting and monitoring these buildings. Salt Lake City is also proposing to increase its boarded building permit fees to simplify the process of tracking and collecting fees.


On November 17, 2020, the Council requested the Administration propose a change in boarded building fees to capture the City’s total cost of monitoring, boarding, and emergency services at those properties.

What is a boarded building permit fee?

The fee covers expenses related to plan review, inspections, and administrative services for boarded buildings and properties. The fee amount is based on the Uniform Building Code fee schedule.

Why is the current fee insufficient?

The City conducted a cost analysis study and found the current fee does not cover the cost of responding to problems at boarded buildings, like Civil Enforcement and Police and Fire response.  

The study also found that boarded buildings cost the City a total of $22,537 annually. The Administration proposed to raise the annual fee to $14,000. If a property owner does not pay the fee the city would work to recoup the fee in Small Claims court.

Proposed Fee Increases

Annual Fees

Currently, the City charges $902 the year the building is initially boarded and $1,546 every year after. The Administration found that the average boarded building permit costs the City $22,537 annually. Due to this, an annual fee of up to $14,000 is being proposed.

Administrative Fees

Property owners are charged administrative fees when the City boards a building on private property. The initial administrative fee is $129, and a late penalty fee of $25 is charged for every thirty days the annual fee is not paid. The proposal recommends increasing the administrative fee to $500 and the late penalty fee to $100.

Fee typeCurrent FeeProposed Fee
Initial Boarding Fee$902Combined with Annual Boarding Fee
Annual Boarding Fee$1,546$14,000
Administrative Fee$129$500
Late Penalty Fee$25$100

Additional Information


Vacant/Secure Building

An unoccupied building has all openings, such as windows and doors, secured against entry, where windows are fully glazed, and the doors are secured using a lock (City Code 53-20, 2020).

Boarded Building

A building in which accessible openings, such as windows and doors, are secured by a secondary means against entry. Examples of securing a building by a secondary means include, but are not limited to, boarding and fencing.

Boarding Process


Next Steps

The Council will receive a briefing on this item at its Thursday, May 25 work session meeting. Visit the Council’s agenda page for the meeting schedule, meeting information, and to learn how to watch, listen, and participate in Council meetings.

You may also provide your input anytime online, by emailing or calling our 24/hr comment line at 801-535-7654. 

Project Timeline

Council Briefing

Thursday, May 25

Public Hearing

Tuesday, June 6

Council Action


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