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RECAP: November 13 Council Meeting

At today’s meetings, the Council:

  • received a follow-up briefing about an ordinance pertaining to regulation of inland port uses. These changes would bring City code in line with State Code requirements for an inland port. Also, conditional uses under the proposed zoning overlay for this area would require an impact mitigation plan. The Planning Division has suggested development standards for activities involving transporting, unloading, loading, transferring, or temporarily storing natural resources. A second public hearing is scheduled for Nov. 27 and then action is possible on Dec. 4.
  • received an update about major projects from the Public Utilities Department. Some of the project updates included development of the Northwest Quadrant, the State prison, the East-West aqueduct, and a water treatment plant rebuild. The Public Utilities staff will continue to provide status updates to the Council on these major projects.
  • received a briefing from the County Center for the Arts about the Eccles Theater Site operating budget, which is governed by the Utah Performing Arts Center Agency.
  • was briefed about adjustments to the City’s budgets, including some proposed projects related to an Eastside Police Precinct, impact fees; a sewer line repair for the Glendale golf course; airport shuttle funding, and contingency funding for UN visit. A continued briefing and public hearing are scheduled for November 27, along with possible action.

The Council also:

  • was briefed about an ordinance that would amend how permits are issued for individuals who solicit or sell products or services face-to-face. The changes would take into account those who already have a State solicitation permit and would remove duplicative requirements. Action possible on Nov. 27.
  • received a follow-up briefing about a proposal that would amend the City’s process for evaluating surplus real property to advance additional affordable housing objectives outlined in the Housing Plan adopted in December 2017. Possible action on Nov. 27.
  • was briefed about an ordinance that would allow for additional signage options in the Open Space Zoning District. Hearing scheduled for Dec. 4, and action possible on Dec. 11.
  • PASSED an Ordinance which will put limitations on the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits at commercial animal establishments.

Other items:

  • The Council was briefed about ordinances that would grant a Master License and a Franchise Agreement for Wireless Facilities in the Public Way to ExteNet Systems, Inc. The agreement would allow ExteNet to install small cell wireless facilities throughout the City. Small cell wireless facilities utilize antenna and fiber optics to add capacity and coverage to a wireless broadband network. Other such agreements are expected. Action possible on Nov. 27.

Eight public hearings were held:

  • Ordinance: Wasatch Community Gardens Master Plan and Rezone. Possible action Nov.27.
  • Ordinance: 230 West 200 South Zoning Amendment (Block 67 Phase 2) Hearing not held- DELAYED until Dec. 4.
  • Ordinance: Major Street Plan of SLC Transportation Master Plan update: Possible action Nov. 27.
  • Ordinance: Amended Bid Requirements for Building Improvements and Public Works Projects: PASSED
  • Ordinance: 1332 and 1334 East 500 South Rezone: Possible action Nov. 27.
  • Ordinance: 1230 West 200 South Rezone: Possible action Nov. 27.
  • Ordinance: Inland Port Zoning Text Amendment: Possible action Dec. 4.
  • Ordinance: FB-UN2 Building Height Zoning Text Amendment: Possible action Nov. 27.
  • Grant applications
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