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RECAP: October 9 Council and RDA Board Meeting

At Tuesday’s meetings:
  • the Council discussed a Council-initiated proposal to amend the City’s Complete Streets Ordinance, which states all City-owned streets should be safe for a variety of types of users, and that as roads are constructed and reconstructed, bicycle and pedestrian ways should be added or enhanced. Discussion centered on the need for additional changes to the ordinance to align it with best practices nationwide, and the need for communication if the Administration decides not to include a bike lane in a road reconstruction project. The Council took a straw poll vote requesting that the Administration review the ordinance and return with additional recommendations in the coming weeks.
  • The Council was briefed about preliminary details of a proposal to use $5.3 million in sales tax revenue for improved Utah Transit Authority service in Salt Lake City. Discussion centered on the types of service improvements the money would be used for, specifically: enhanced bus service and a new on-demand UTA service where residents could request rides to nearby transit stops. The Council will continue to discuss a service contract between the City and UTA in the coming weeks before taking action.
    The funding for this proposal was made possible by a 0.5 percent sales tax increase adopted by the Council in May to fund a variety of critical needs, including improved transit options.
  • The RDA Board approved a total of $8.5 million in housing loans to create 570 total new housing units, of which nearly 300 will be affordable.
  • The RDA Board received an update about ongoing negotiations between Salt Lake City’s Japanese-American community and developers of Block 67, which is bounded by 100 South, 200 South, 200 West and 300 West. The Japanese Church of Christ and Buddhist Temple are both located along 100 South, and community members have concerns about potential impacts the development could have on adjacent properties. The intended purpose of the facilitation is for the two groups to arrive at mutually-beneficial solutions.
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