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RECAP: June 12 Council & RDA Board Meeting

At Tuesday’s meetings:

The Council adopted the final Fiscal Year 2018-19 Budget for Salt Lake City. The budget builds up City services such as parks maintenance, public safety, affordable housing and public transportation. The Council will consider in the coming months whether to place an $87 million General Obligation Bond on ballots this fall to address other needs. Read the press release for more details.

The Council also unanimously adopted a resolution supporting a .25 percent local option general sales tax dedicated to transit and transportation projects countywide.

Council Chair Erin Mendenhall, District 5, said  “We know that even despite our sales tax increase, and even despite the General Obligation bond potential for $87 million over 20 years, we still aren’t actually meeting the full, real need for our streets in Salt Lake City. And the opportunity for us to have an ongoing revenue stream that goes beyond a General Obligation bond’s life span is something that I think we would be remiss to pass up.”

Council Member Andrew Johnston, District 2, said he believed funding for transit would help residents who need it most. “I support it because there are very few things we can use taxes for that make life more affordable.”

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