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Commercial Animal Retailers Requirements

Posted on:October 17th, 2018
The Council is currently considering a proposal that would require commercial animal retailers to obtain the dogs, cats, and rabbits they sell from animal shelters and similar agencies. The proposal would make it illegal for commercial establishments to sell these animals to the public unless they were obtained from a City animal shelter, County animal […]

Accessory Dwelling Units

Posted on:October 17th, 2018
At its Tuesday, October 16 meeting, the Council adopted changes to the City’s regulations for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), commonly known as mother-in-law apartments. The changes will allow ADUs in more areas of the City. Previously, the only properties eligible for new, legal ADUs were those located ½-mile or less from a fixed transit stop […]

Recap: October 16 City Council Meeting

Posted on:October 17th, 2018
At Tuesday’s meeting, the Council: adopted a proposal to allow Accessory Dwelling Units, commonly known as mother-in-law apartments, in more parts of the City. The Council held and closed a public hearing at which 14 people spoke, before approving the ordinance in a 5-1-1 vote. Learn more about the ordinance here. held and closed a public […]

RECAP: October 9 Council and RDA Board Meeting

Posted on:October 10th, 2018
At Tuesday’s meetings: the Council discussed a Council-initiated proposal to amend the City’s Complete Streets Ordinance, which states all City-owned streets should be safe for a variety of types of users, and that as roads are constructed and reconstructed, bicycle and pedestrian ways should be added or enhanced. Discussion centered on the need for additional changes […]

RECAP: October 2 Council Meeting

Posted on:October 3rd, 2018
At Tuesday’s meeting, the Council: discussed a report of rate recommendations for the City’s water and sewer services, which also includes proposed adjustments for miscellaneous fees related to utility services. The City periodically commissions a comprehensive study of what customers pay for their public utility services in order to ensure water, sewer, stormwater and street […]

RECAP: September 18 Council Meeting

Posted on:September 19th, 2018
At today’s meeting, the Council: discussed the City’s Capital Improvement Program. Each year, the Council reviews the Capital Improvement Program budget by going over a list of prioritized projects that involve the construction, purchase or renovation of buildings, parks, streets or other physical structures. The Council will take action on the Capital Improvement Program budget […]

RECAP: September 11 Council Meeting

Posted on:September 12th, 2018
At Tuesday’s Meeting, the Council: Held a moment of silence to honor the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Held its third fact finding session about the inland port. Presenters included stakeholders focused on sustainability, economic development and advocacy. Val Hale, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, said the State has been approached by several […]

RECAP: September 4 Council Meeting

Posted on:September 4th, 2018
At Tuesday’s meeting, the Council: Held the second of three fact finding sessions about the Inland Port. Tonight’s presenters included Natalie Gochnour, Executive Director of the Gardner Policy Institute, Cameron Diehl, Executive Director of the Utah League of Cities and Towns, Alan Matheson, Executive Director of the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, and Mayor Jackie Biskupski.Alan […]

RECAP: August 21 Council & RDA Board Meeting

Posted on:August 22nd, 2018
During Tuesday’s meetings: The Council was briefed by members of the Inland Port Authority Board, including Derek Miller, chair of the Board, about the Board’s subcommittees and the future steps for advancing the development of the Port. Miller said the Board sought public input from the community about its concerns during its first meeting.“The vast […]

RECAP: August 14 Council Meeting

Posted on:August 15th, 2018
At Tuesday’s Meeting, the Council: unanimously adopted a resolution to place an $87 million Streets Reconstruction Bond on the upcoming General Election ballot. Salt Lake City residents will be able to vote in November on whether to approve the bond, which would raise property taxes by fewer than $5 on an average-valued home in order to reconstruct the […]

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