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Eleemosynary (Congregate Care Facility) Text Amendment

The Council is considering a proposal that would develop a land use definition and parameters to address short-term housing for the terminally and seriously ill. The proposal includes reviewing compatibility concerns of how this land use, and others like it, would impact the adjacent residential neighborhoods particularly with regard to the Institutional zoning district.

Proposal Status

At their March 26 public hearing, the Council asked the Administration to examine options relating to the proposed Congregate Care/Eleemosynary definitions and review whether establishing qualifying provisions (requirements that must be met to help mitigate potential impacts on the surrounding area) would be appropriate for the proposed land use. The Council requested Planning Division staff to consider public comments heard at both the public hearing and the March 20 Planning Division open house as they work on the additional review.

The Administration will bring options to the Council for further discussion and another public hearing. A timeline has not been identified. Sign up to be notified of any scheduled discussions and public hearings regarding this proposal.

Proposed Changes

Congregate Care Fact Sheet
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Congregate Care, Assisted Living Facility Comparison Chart

Congregate Care, Assisted Living Facility Comparison Chart
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