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“Funding Our Future” G.O. Bond & Sales Tax Increase

In August 2018, the Council unanimously approved placing the Streets Reconstruction Bond, estimated to raise about $87 million for a package of road reconstruction projects, on the 2018 General Election ballot. Salt Lake City residents approved the bond which will raise property taxes, but only slightly, about $5 a year for the average homeowner.

“The Council placed this bond on the ballot after hearing that our roads are a top priority for our residents,” said Council Chair Erin Mendenhall. “This was an opportunity to let voters decide, and the results speak for themselves. All $87 million will go to reconstructing our City streets. We are grateful for the support of the City taxpayers and look forward to carefully putting these funds to work to improve the City’s streets.”

Additionally, the Council adopted a supplemental sales and use tax, which will increase Salt Lake City’s portion of sales tax by 0.5 percent, equal to 5 cents on a $10 purchase earlier in the year. The tax excludes groceries and large purchases like vehicles.

Based on a recently completed pavement condition survey, nearly two-thirds of City streets are in poor or worse condition. Bond funds will be directed toward improving the worst of those streets at a faster rate than the City would be able to otherwise. This, in combination with the sales tax increase, would generate approximately $25 million new money per year to improve and maintain City roads.

Sales tax revenue could be used for City services and projects including but not limited to: streets maintenance, road reconstruction projects and other infrastructure needs, transit, neighborhood safety and affordable housing. The Council will deliberate how much revenue to allocate to each priority in conjunction with their annual budget discussions.

The new sales tax revenue and Streets Reconstruction Bond are part of an effort to find a balanced mix of taxes and fees that can adequately fund services for a growing City, while not overburdening residents and taxpayers.

As part of the Funding Our Future initiative, City leaders have committed to ensuring accountability in spending and will continue to use the Funding Our Future website to provide updates to residents on streets reconstruction and street maintenance projects as they progress. Visit for more details.

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