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A statement from City Council on the K9 Videos


Oct. 9, 2020

Dan Weist
Director of Communications

“The K9 Unit videos released today by the Salt Lake City Police Department are extremely disturbing. City Council Members are distressed by officers who appear to order their dogs to bite suspects unnecessarily, causing pain and injury.

This should never happen. Our residents should not fear any visit by SLC officers.

We support the Mayor’s suspension of the Unit’s activities while these incidents receive proper legal review by the District Attorney’s Office for potential inappropriate or illegal behavior by officers. The Council supports this review and recognizes the actions must be addressed quickly and thoroughly.

Council Members have expressed support for the Mayor’s release of this body-worn camera footage as an important step to be fully transparent with the community and to continue with the process to bring full accountability. The Council also supports the efforts to enhance training and address equity in policing.

The Council’s efforts since the summer to adjust the Police Department’s annual budget, review key law enforcement policies, fund a budget audit, and support the City’s new Commission on Racial Equity in Policing are solid steps toward change.

The Council eagerly anticipates recommendations from the Commission as it digs into issues related to the City’s policy, budget, and culture of policing.

Salt Lake City residents have made it clear they expect more from our City government. Change is happening, and more is on its way.

Overall, the Council is concerned and saddened, and will wait for the outcome of the investigation before commenting any further.”


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