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Salt Lake City Council statement on investigation of K9 Apprehension Program


Sept. 25, 2020

Dan Weist
Director of Communications

Note: The Salt Lake City Council has not seen the recordings of the K9 unit that are part of the investigation of the K9 Apprehension Program

“We highly value the fact the Mayor is fulfilling her duty to the public in Salt Lake City to carefully examine how the taxpayer policing resources are deployed and to make changes to the City’s approach. The City Council expresses support for the Mayor’s Administration’s emphasis on training, accountability, equity, and transparency in policing in Salt Lake City.

As a City we have seen our share of concerns about police procedures and practices that do not conform or comply with our shared values. The power to change the face of policing is within the heart and mind of each and every police officer. We know and applaud that many police officers live to serve the community and have a very tough job.

We encourage Police Officers, as individuals, as groups, as a full department or as an entire profession to be the people who demonstrate that there are better ways to keep the community safe.

We invite the police profession to be a very active part of building a policing system that values human life, that respects differences and that does not tolerate discrimination, or inappropriate use of force, and that is fair and just for every individual. 

We thank all of the officers who work long hours and still make it their mission to model calm behavior, value de-escalation, and be deliberate in their actions.  We appreciate all of the officers who steadfastly insist that there is no circumstance where it is appropriate for the Police to administer punishment in the field, that the justice system is responsible to determine the consequences.”



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