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City Council chooses Mano to fill vacant seat in Council District 5

At their Jan. 21 meeting, City Council Members chose Darin Masao Mano to fill a vacant seat in Council District 5, making him the newest Member of the seven-person Council.

Mano is one of 28 candidates who originally applied for the position, vacant since Jan. 6. The seat became vacant after former District 5 representative Erin Mendenhall was chosen by voters in November as Mayor. She took office this month.

Mano was sworn in to the office by the Assistant City Recorder (a public notary) following a public Council vote on the candidates. The remainder of the term lasts through Jan. 2022.

“I join the Council with enthusiasm and pride,” said Mano “I’m thrilled to serve District 5 residents and our City as a whole.’’

The candidates were offered five minutes apiece to speak on the topics of their choice and 24 spoke during the Council Work Session on Jan. 21 as part of the application process. Two of the original candidates withdrew from the race; two others did not attend the Work Session. 

After the candidates spoke, the six Council Members held two rounds of voting to arrive at three finalists, who spoke again for two minutes. Another round of Council voting produced a three-way-tie, so the candidates were given an opportunity to answer a new Council question. The fourth round produced a majority vote for Mano.

“We had a great pool of qualified candidates to represent the District. It was a very tough choice,” said Council Chair Chris Wharton. “We welcome Darin to the Council as we continue to help make the Capital City an even better place to work and live.”


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