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Listed below are some of the significant proposals the Council is currently working on. Check out the Council’s recent meeting agendas to see more proposals–both big and small–the Council has recently discussed and voted, or view proposals from the Mayor that have not yet been scheduled on a Council agenda.

Single Room Occupancy Housing

Posted on:November 13th, 2019
In early 2019, the Council began reviewing a proposal that would redefine Single Room Occupancy (SRO) housing and permit SROs in more zoning districts than currently allowed. The proposal supports goals identified in the City’s Growing SLC: A Five Year Housing Plan – increase housing options, promote affordability, and build more equitable and fair housing. […]

Shared Mobility Devices: what’s next?

Posted on:November 13th, 2019
Shared mobility is the official term for bikeshares and dockless scooter/bicycle systems. Shared mobility devices provide users an option to rent personal transportation for one-way trips. The City Council has received a draft ordinance from the Administration that could establish a framework for regulations on shared mobility devices. The Council discussed the draft during their […]

Fact-Finding Discussion Relating to Homelessness

Posted on:November 8th, 2019
The Council has listened with growing concern to ongoing conversations about providing safe housing and shelter for people experiencing homelessness. Recognizing the importance of this issue and the high level of effort and coordination required, the Council hosted a fact-finding session on November 12. Read the Council’s homelessness info story for more.

Utah Inland Port

Posted on:September 18th, 2019
Although the Council wasn’t closely involved in the original bill adopted in March of 2018, they were instrumental in working toward needed improvements that were adopted as part of a Special Session of the State Legislature in July of 2018. The Council and Mayor were invited by State leaders to negotiate on key aspects of […]

Homeless Resource Centers Update

Posted on:March 6th, 2019
In spring of 2019, the Council received an update from the Mayor’s Administration and designers VODA Landscape + Planning about strategies to improve infrastructure and amenities in the District 4 and 5 neighborhoods where two homeless resource centers will become part of the physical and social fabric in July 2019. The Council heard about efforts […]

Golf Funding

Posted on:March 27th, 2018
As an enterprise fund, the Golf Fund is charged with managing and maintaining the City’s six public courses with the revenues that it can generate through its services. The Council considers three key areas to assess the long-term financial solvency of the Golf Fund: Current-Year (Fiscal Year 2019) Budget, Past Operations Deficits, and Golf Capital […]

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