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Council Priorities

At the beginning of each year, the Council chooses the priorities on which they want to make significant progress during the coming year.

The priorities inform the Mayor, City Administration and the public about the items Council Members feel are of highest importance to ensure that quality of life remains high for Salt Lake City residents and businesses; that the City is accommodating, vibrant and safe for those whose live, work, visit and play here; and that the City’s financial underpinnings are solid and fair for all taxpayers.

These are the priorities the Council decided upon:

Priority: Northwest Quadrant

Posted on:June 25th, 2018
The Salt Lake City Council is committed to furthering responsible economic development in the northwest area of Salt Lake City, known as the Northwest Quadrant, which consists of thousands of acres of land prime for industries such as manufacturing, distribution and warehousing. The Utah State Legislature adopted a bill earlier this year designating a portion […]

Priority: Curb-to-Curb Street Maintenance

Posted on:April 2nd, 2018
For years, the City has received public feedback about the condition of streets. Bolstered by the recent pavement condition survey, it is time to address the true need for street projects. These projects require coordination of each part of the street: curb & gutter, street surface and the utilities underneath – these need more proactive funding […]

Priority: Transit Master Plan Implementation

Posted on:April 2nd, 2018
Last year, the City finalized a Master Plan guiding the future of transit in Salt Lake City. This issue directly impacts connectivity to affordable housing, economic development, air quality and overall quality of life for all residents and visitors. The Plan was the first step, and the Council is ready to capitalize on the plan by […]

Council Chooses 2018 Priorities (Video)

Posted on:March 3rd, 2018
For 2018, Council Members have agreed to focus on three areas; Northwest Quadrant, Transit Master Plan implementation, and curb-to-curb infrastructure, while renewing their commitment to long-standing priorities. Watch the process! Return to priorities page

The Council also renewed its commitment to the following:

Council Priorities Timeline:

Council priorities timeline graphic

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