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Small Claims Forms


These forms are available in PDF format (not all forms are fillable).  Click on a form to start a process.

Forms to start your claim 

Small Claims Affidavit-Summons

Small Claims Affidavit-Summons & Small Claims Military Service Declaration

*Do not fill out the Military Declaration form if the defendant is a business* 

Small Claims Proof of Service by mail (If serving the Affidavit & Summons by mail, use this form)

Small Claims Proof of Service by Third Person (If a Third Person is serving the Affidavit & Summons, use this form)

(If you choose a Sheriff, Constable, United States Marshal, Marshal’s Deputy, Private Investigator, or Process Server to serve your Affidavit & Summons, you do not need to use the forms above.)

Forms to use if the defendant can’t be found for service 

Sometimes the plaintiff can’t find the defendant(s) to have them served, or believes that the defendant is trying to avoid service. The plaintiff must first make service attempts and use reasonable diligence to find the person, which means making a good effort.  If the plaintiff still can’t find/serve the defendant, they can ask the court for permission to use alternative service, by filing a motion and attaching evidence of service attempts.

Exparte Motion for Alternative Service  (Attach service attempts, before submitting to the court.)

Order for Motion for Alternative Service (Only fill out page 1.)

Form for the defendant or respondent (must be filed 15 days prior to trial)

Small Claims Counter Affidavit & Summons

*Claim may not exceed $11,000.00

Form to postpone your case (must be filed at least 5 business days before trial)

Small Claims Motion to Postpone / Order on Motion to Postpone

Forms needed to settle a case prior to trial

Small Claims Settlement Agreement

Small Claims Motion to enforce Settlement Agreement  (File with the court only if the settlement agreement is not complied with.)

Small Claims Notice of Hearing

Small Claims Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law

Form to use if your case has been settled prior to trial

Small Claims Motion to Dismiss and Order


Small Claims Subpoena

Forms for appearing party to complete after trial on non-appearance of opposing party, after a disposition of dismissal or default judgment was entered.

Small Claims Notice of Dismissal

Small Claims Notice of Default Judgment

Motion to set Aside and Order (must be filed within 15 calendar days after mailing of the judgment or dismissal)

Motion to set Aside and Order

Notice of Appeal (must be filed within 28 days after entry of judgment)

Small Claims Notice of Appeal / Third District Court Notice of Mediation Form

Forms to use when collecting on a judgment

Small Claims Motion and Order in Supplemental Proceedings

Small Claims Verification of Employment

Small Claims Garnishment Instructions

Small Claims Writ of Continuing Garnishment (wage)

Small Claims Writ of Garnishment- One time (non-wage)

Small Claims Release of Garnishment

Small Claims Writ of Execution

Small Claims Abstract of Judgment and Judgment Information Sheet

Form to use if the judgment creditor’s case has been satisfied

Small Claims Acknowledgement of Satisfaction of Judgment

(This form is for the creditor only)

Forms for debtor to use, when the creditor does not file an Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment

Small Claims Motion to Declare the Judgment Satisfied

Small Claims Stipulation to Motion

Small Claims Statement Supporting/Opposing Motion to 

*This form may be used by both the creditor and debtor

Small Claims Memorandum Supporting/Opposing Motion to 

*This form may be used by both the creditor and debtor

Small Claims Reply to Statement Opposing Motion to

Small Claims Request to Submit for Decision 

*This form may be used by both the creditor and debtor

Small Claims Findings of Facts and Conclusion of Law and Order

Small Claims Notice of Order

Audio Request

If you had a court hearing and would like a copy of the recording, please click here for the Audio Records Request form. Please fill it out and turn it into the court. The cost is $10.00 per disc or per half day of testimony (postage extra if, done by mail).