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Andrew’s Council Meeting Thoughts

Below is a collection of my personal thoughts after each City Council meeting. To read the official meeting recaps visit the Council’s meeting recaps page.

As always, I am happy to discuss these or any other issues on your mind.


Meeting Thoughts – June 16, 2020

Posted on:June 16th, 2020
First, a picture of the progress at 3 Creeks Confluence Park. City Budget The budget is finalized for 2020-’21. Obviously, the global pandemic has drastically impacted budgets, and we really do not know exactly how much. The revenue projections upon which the council and mayor based our budget this year are best guesses until the […]

Meeting Thoughts – June 11, 2020

Posted on:June 11th, 2020
Yes, we met again this afternoon and evening on the annual budget. By city code, we must pass a balanced, annual budget each year by the end of June. And us finalizing our part earlier allows leeway for last-minute problems to be handled. So, we are trying to complete all the budget for finalization next […]

Meeting Thoughts – June 9, 2020

Posted on:June 9th, 2020
Redevelopment Agency Meeting Folsom Trail The board gave approval for releasing funding towards final designs for the Folsom Trail. They have conducted a survey regarding which amenities to prioritize along the trail. This is good. What is bad is that we cannot secure land to complete the trail between 10th West and the Jordan River. […]

Meeting Thoughts – June 2, 2020

Posted on:June 3rd, 2020
One + weeks left of budget discussions. I am told the formal meeting tonight was the second-longest one in memory. I participated in our city council meetings today with a “Black Lives Matter” sign behind me. I did so not because I don’t support our police force, but because I believe that our government must […]

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