Salt Lake City

Council District 3

The Avenues, Capitol Hill, Federal Heights, Guadalupe, Marmalade

Avenues Neighborhood

The Avenues became Salt Lake City’s first neighborhood in the 1850s. Named after the perfectly grid-like, closely laid out roads called Avenues and streets, the Avenues community is ideally located between the City center and the Wasatch Mountains. Residents delight in living within walking distance of the City’s Central Business District and the University of Utah, as well as City Creek Canyon and the Wasatch foothills.

The unique historic flavor of the lower Avenues, with its old stately homes and narrow tree-lined streets, creates a strong feeling of neighborhood. The homes and neighborhoods in the upper Avenues, situated to enjoy commanding views of the valley, contribute to community desirability.

Today, the Avenues is an eclectic, diverse community with a mix of young and old, singles and families with children, professional people and blue-collar laborers, enhancing the whole area.

Avenues Master Plan

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