Salt Lake City

Council District 5

Ballpark, Central Ninth, East Liberty Park, Liberty Wells

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: September 21, 2021

Council Work Session Meeting


  • COVID: Salt Lake County is still in the High Transmission Level. There is a vaccination clinic tomorrow at Rose Park Elementary from 4-7 pm. There are also coats and shoes available for kids who might need them. 22% of the total number of people experiencing COVID are school aged kids.
  • HOMELESSNESS: The current numbers are steady at 90% of the beds full in the 3 Homeless Resource Centers (HRCs). The Madsen Park resource fair will be on Sept 23rd from 9:30-12:30. Kayak Court will happen on September 27th during the same time period. There is an average of 77 says for people staying in shelter compared to somewhere in the 60s last year. This illustrates that permanent housing is getting harder to find.
  • POLICING: Park Safety in SLC was the topic today. I had asked the administration to address and I’m glad this was the focus. The park bike squad was formed in 2019. This is a squad of 1 sergeant and 5 officers but they only can work 4 days a week. The parks are facing a wide range of issues including drug use, illegal camping, and violent behavior. It requires a constant presence to maintain safety in parks. In one day they may patrol up around 13 different parks throughout our city. Unfortunately they are faced with the same reality that the entire department is facing which is more calls for service and not enough staff. Chief addressed the 9/12 shooting and thanked the community for calling in and giving good information to the city so that person could be apprehended. We have focus area patrols working in Tauffer Park and Pioneer Park. I asked if that work can be expanded to Liberty and Jefferson. Moving to staffing, we have 51 vacancies whereas we previously had up to 79. However there are actually 97 officers which are not currently call-responsive because of those in training. In regard to new recruits, recruit class 153 has 19 officers who should be out in our community by jan 2022. Class 154 should be available in June of 2022 and has 21 officers. There is a lateral class which should be available in November of this year with 6 officers.

UPDATES ON RACIAL EQUITY AND POLICING: Tonight we are voting to confirm the members of phase 2 of our racial equity in policing commission. Once confirmed they will be meeting on September 29th to continue their work. Kaletta Lynch let us know they are looking for a new ADA coordinator. The job posting should be up soon.

STREET VACATION NEAR 538 E. 14TH AVENUE: This proposal is to close a portion of a street on H Street. The homeowner currently has a fence that encroaches on the public right of way. They are requesting that we sell the property to them at market value. This is an odd situation. The has some homes which historically have fences that encroach into what is technically owned by the city. The city would sell this property to the homeowner to rectify this unique situation.

OFF-STREET PARKING FOLLOW-UP: This is something the city has been working on for years. We are considering a full rewrite of the off-street parking ordinance. There were several outstanding issues and concerns and it seems that we are finally very close to consensus and a resolution on those issues. Read more about this item.

ELIMINATION OF SPECIAL EXCEPTIONS IN ZONING: This is another item we have been discussing for some time. In an effort to reduce staff’s workload and the length of Planning Commission agendas, we are considering removing the special exception process within zoning. Our discussion on this item was mostly related to outdoor dining regulations.

BOARD APPOINTMENTS: Today we met Chuck Krivanek who the mayor appointed to the Police Civilian Review Board and Kathy Davis who is being considered for the City And County Building Committee.

DR. ANGELA DUNN, COVID UPDATE: This update was tentative and did not happen.

SALES AND EXCISE TAX BONDS: This discussion was tentative and did not happen.

Formal Meeting


  • SALES AND EXCISE TAX BONDS: One comment was heard but it was actually related to a different set of bond funding, not the one intended for this briefing. We closed the public hearing but took no action.
  • 2020 STREET LIGHTING MASTERPLAN: 2 comments were received with concerns about light temperature and dark skies. We closed the public hearing and deferred action.
  • BUDGET AMENDMENT NO. 2: There were about 3 comments on this item related to a few different items including the 300 North Pedestrian Bridge, the Downtown Ambassador program, and the Car Camping pilot project.
  • GENERAL COMMENTS: Today’s general comments related to the following: Inland Port, Foothill Trails, Clean Air, Street Reconstruction Bond, 100 South Reconstruction,


  • NIELSEN ESTATES REZONE NEAR 830 WEST AND 200 NORTH: Adopted Unanimously with a stipulation that the historic home be preserved.
  • FENCE, WALL, AND HEDGE HEIGHTS: Adopted Unanimously
  • NATIONAL LEAGUE OF CITIES: Adopted Unanimously

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