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Council Member Message: Cleveland Court Rezone

District Five Council Member Darin Mano

Darin Mano
District 5

I want to thank those who contacted the Salt Lake City Council over the past few weeks about the Cleveland Court zoning amendments. Your comments are valued and, even though our vote may not have been your preference, your input helped inform the Council as we considered this application.

I wanted to reach out and let the community know on Tuesday, May 19, the City Council approved the following zoning changes for the property at 1430 South 400 East:

  • Changed the Central Community Master Plan Future Land Use Map from Low-Density Residential to Medium Density Residential.
  • Rezoned the property from RMF-35 Moderate Density Multi-Family Residential District to FB-UN1 Form-Based Urban Neighborhood District.

Since the Council was first briefed on this application on March 17, we held two Public Hearings on April 7 and then again on May 5, and the Council also received numerous phone calls and emails providing input on this application. Those comments were provided to all Council Members along the way and included in the public record.

I am very gratefully for your efforts and willingness to participate in the public process. That public input was mostly, though not entirely, opposed to the project and so I realize many of you are disappointed in the outcome. This was not a simple decision. I strongly felt the need to balance those concerns with the reality that, if we are going to solve our housing and homelessness crises, every neighborhood in the city will need to experience some degree of densification.

Based on these competing interests, I chose to support this project with the development agreement to ensure setbacks, off-street parking, and design elements approved by the Planning Commission are included in the final development. Those conditions include:

  • The development plans will be revised so that the two pedestrian entries facing 400 East will have entry features such as a porch or stoop with canopy;
  • A minimum of eight (8) on-site parking spaces will be provided in the Development;
  • The Plans will be revised so that the units facing Cleveland Avenue will have primary pedestrian entrances facing the street;
  • Developer must obtain subdivision approval to split the lot into two in order to comply with the standards of the proposed zoning district; and
  • The Salt Lake City Planning Division shall have final approval authority over the Plans, which shall comply with the conditions of approval described above.

I truly believe seven smaller units will better fill a need than five larger units would. However, I do not believe that an FB-UN1 zoning on its own is appropriate. I was uncomfortable with the zoning change absent a guarantee that it would be built as presented. I appreciate the applicant’s willingness to include a development agreement. While I would not have supported an FB-UN1 zone change on its own, I believe that, combined with the development agreement, this is the best balance we can reach.

I urge the applicant to do everything in their power to build a high-quality, beautiful project which will contribute to and not turn its back on the neighborhood. I hope the applicant makes the interior courtyard open to the public as represented in their rendering and not gated as shown on their site plan, articulates the street facing entrances to make them open and inviting, keep fences low if built at all, and add porches and patios facing the street that are large enough to be used and which encourage residents to engage with their neighbors both inside and outside of the development.

Thank you for adding your voice to the discussion. I recognize the importance of this project to the community and neighborhood and greatly appreciate your input on this application.

All my best, 

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