Salt Lake City

Council District 5

Ballpark, Central Ninth, East Liberty Park, Liberty Wells

Mano’s Council Meeting Thoughts

Below is a collection of my personal thoughts after some City Council meetings. To read the official meeting recaps visit the Council’s meeting recaps page.

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: December 14, 2021

Posted on:December 15th, 2021
Here is my recap of our meetings from today, December 14, 2021. [...]

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: November 16, 2021

Posted on:November 18th, 2021
COVID: 26 of 29 counties in Very High transmission rate. Statewide 7-Day average is just under 1,600. Salt Lake City vaccination rates are not increasing very quickly. City wide we are at 64%, the state is at about 54% overall. There are a lot of free vaccine clinics. Please get vaccinated as soon as possible to help us stop the spread of Covid-19. [...]

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: November 9, 2021

Posted on:November 18th, 2021
COVID: The entire state of Utah is in the “high” transmission rate. ICU Utilization is above 90%. The statewide average is still high and overall cases are up 25% from last week. The vaccine is available for everyone aged 5 and up. [...]

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: October 19, 2021

Posted on:November 18th, 2021
COVID: SLC is still in the high transmission level, case counts are up and ICU usage is slightly down. Throughout the state, school cases are about 20% of total cases. Dr. Dunn is speaking later in our meeting with more details about COVID-19 and our school mask mandate effects. Citywide we are just under 65% vaccinated. [...]

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: October 12, 2021

Posted on:November 18th, 2021
RDA BUDGET AMENDMENT NO.1 FOR FY 21-22: No public comments were heard and we closed the hearing and adopted the budget amendment. [...]

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: October 5, 2021

Posted on:November 18th, 2021
NOMINATION OF VICE CHAIR: Because CM James Rogers resigned from the council there will be a vacancy to fill for about 2 months until the newly elected CM for District 1 is sworn in on January 2nd. [...]

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: September 21, 2021

Posted on:September 21st, 2021
COVID: Salt Lake County is still in the High Transmission Level. There is a vaccination clinic tomorrow at Rose Park Elementary from 4-7 pm. There are also coats and shoes available for kids who might need them. [...]

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: September 14, 2021

Posted on:September 14th, 2021
RICHMOND FLATS LOAN AMENDMENT: This is an update on a project the RDA Board has been talking about for a while in the Sugarhouse area. This project is 55 units, 100% of which are between 25-50% AMI. CDCU (the non-profit developer) needs an amendment in the language of the loan to comply with some of their tax-credit application requirements. [...]

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: September 7, 2021

Posted on:September 7th, 2021
COVID: Case numbers and all metrics have been going the wrong direction. Next week will be the next time for us to discuss extending the K-12 Mask Requirement. We will be looking at our data as related to other districts when we consider that extension. [...]

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: August 24, 2021

Posted on:August 24th, 2021
STATION CENTER INNOVATION DISTRICT: This proposal is for the RDA to sell our properties to the University of Utah for them to create what they are calling an innovation district. These would be buildings focused on developing space for emerging businesses and organizations within the life sciences, health sciences, and related industries.[...]

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: August 17, 2021

Posted on:August 17th, 2021
We’ve been back in a high transmission level for a few weeks and the numbers begin to climb. The covid ICU utilization is at 29% which is dangerously high. We are seeing significantly more child cases in 2021 as compared with 2020. [...]

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: July 13, 2021

Posted on:July 13th, 2021
Today was the Council's first meeting back in the City and County Building. It was a hybrid meeting where we were in person, but the public joined us virtually. Keep reading for my recap of our meetings. [...]

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: June 15, 2021

Posted on:June 15th, 2021
COUNCIL WORK SESSION:  1. ADMINISTRATIVE UPDATES:  COVID: No zips above the 191/100k rate. 52% of Eligible SLCO residents are vaccinated. Slight uptick post-Memorial Day. Each week there is about a 2% increase in vaccination rates.   CITY AND COUNTY BUILDING: Many departments are returning in a hybrid model. Public meetings may begin by appointment in some […]

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: June 10, 2021

Posted on:June 10th, 2021
Today’s meeting was very short. We just wrapped up budget discussions and reviewed our Legislative Intents. These are set to be formally adopted on Monday.   A couple items of note:  1. New Growth numbers are not finalized but initial estimates are about $1M less than the MRB.  2. After all the items the council added […]

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: June 8, 2021

Posted on:June 8th, 2021
RDA MEETING:  1. PUBLIC COMMENT: The comments today were related to the Utah Pantages Theater. Because of the litigation we’re limited on what we can say publicly about the ongoing case. But, I want to reaffirm my love of architecture, and my support for historic preservation.   2. 650 S. MAIN ST. TRAX STATION: This is […]

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: May 25, 2021

Posted on:May 25th, 2021
Here is my recap of our Tuesday, May 25th City Council Meeting;  1. ADMINISTRATIVE UPDATES:   a. COVID: The positivity rate in 84101 has increased. West side zip codes  are still low relative to East. 84104 has the lowest vaccination rate.   b. POLICE: The mayor showed a graph that use of force had decreased 15% over […]

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: May 18, 2021

Posted on:May 18th, 2021
RDA BOARD MEETING:  1. RDA FY 20-21, BUDGET AMENDMENT NO. 1: There were no public comments. This budget amendment is a true-up amendment to adjust budget projections to actual tax increment received. There are several additional items included in the amendment. The RDA has received more tax increment than budgeted in most of our funds.   […]

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: May 11, 2021

Posted on:May 11th, 2021
COUNCIL WORK SESSION:   1. ADMINISTRATIVE UPDATES:   a. COVID-19: No Zip codes are currently above the 191/100k positivity rate. Central City and West Side areas are still lagging behind east for vaccination rates. Masks are required in city facilities and by city employees.   b. HOMELESSNESS: Victory Road resource fair will be held this week but no […]

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: May 4, 2021

Posted on:May 4th, 2021
RDA BOARD MEETING:  1. LOAN TO COLONY B LLC (228 W. 1300 S.): We learned about and approved an emergency gap financing loan of $1.34M for a project adjacent to the Ballpark Trax Station. This project has a lot of great aspects including a program with the VOA Youth Resource Center to house young adults aging out […]

Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: April 20, 2021

Posted on:April 20th, 2021
Below are my notes from our April 20th, 2021 City Council Meetings. Before jumping into the council business, I’d like to share a quick thought about the events of today. Our council meetings were pre-empted and a couple items were pulled because we took a break to hear the jury verdict in the Derek Chauvin […]