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Water Discoloration Notice – January 11, 2019

UPDATE: Some D5 residents are reporting continuing issues with discolored culinary water. Public Utilities crews continue to work on flushing the lines and addressing the issue. Again, the water has no impact on public health. With further concerns, please call SLC Public Utilities’ 24-hour dispatch at 801-483-6700.

Some of you may have noticed discolored water running from your kitchen and bath faucets earlier today.

The Department of Public Utilities has been flushing area hydrants in a multi-block area of City Council District 5, to clear any sedimentation in the water lines, which allows water to run clear again. The cause is unknown at this time.

There is no impact to public health. The yellowish tint is due to naturally occurring minerals getting stirred up in the iron pipe of the water main.

Should you continue to experience the water issue, please call Public Utilities’ 24/7 dispatch number: 801-483-6700. This will assist crews in determining the cause and scope of the issue and in performing service.

You may also “self-flush” the line by turning on cold water, full-force from your bathtub faucet, until water runs clear again. Do not run hot water, as stirred-up sediment may damage your water heater. This process should take about 15 minutes. After flushing, the micro-screen inside the faucet head may clog with fine sediment. It can be removed, cleaned and replaced.

If water is not clear after flushing for up to 60 minutes, call 801-483-6700.  

If you would like more information on the process of flushing water lines, please watch the video at the link below. Although it illustrates work in Plano, TX., this is a common practice in culinary water systems, just as we have done today in Salt Lake City.

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