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Amy Fowler

Message from Council Member Fowler: Millcreek Annexation Proposal


As many of you are aware, Millcreek City has proposed taking over a portion of Salt Lake City including Brickyard Plaza and some nearby residences. Salt Lake City opposes this proposal for several reasons, including a loss of nearly $2.6 million in tax revenue. Millcreek City would be the beneficiary, and this revenue loss would need to be made up by Salt Lake City residents.

Brickyard Plaza has never been in Millcreek and they didn’t ‘lose’ the tax revenue. Millcreek’s proposed boundaries and tax base existed for years prior to its incorporation. Brickyard Plaza was legally annexed into Salt Lake City more than 40 years ago based on property owners’ petition.

Millcreek’s draft General Plan calls for annexing hundreds more acres in Salt Lake City and other cities. Current State law allows adjoining cities to adjust common boundaries if both cities agree. Millcreek City is attempting to change the law with House Bill 262 currently in the State Legislature.

Some residents asked me what they can do to stop this takeover of a portion of Salt Lake City. Please contact your Legislator (find yours here (click on “My Legislators”) and let them know your thoughts on the proposed change in State law allowing cities to take over portions of other cities. Contact your friends and neighbors throughout the state asking them to contact their legislators.

Millcreek City Council will meet Monday, February 11 to vote on the map that proposes portions of Salt Lake City be included in Millcreek. The 7:00 p.m. meeting will be held at Millcreek City Hall, 3330 South 1300 East. Please attend this meeting and let your voice be heard.


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Elected officials from Millcreek and Salt Lake City, including Salt Lake City Council Members and the Mayor, had been meeting over several months to discuss possible boundary adjustment options between the two cities.

In December 2019, the Salt Lake City Council approved an ordinance to adjust the shared boundary between the City and Millcreek. The adjustment includes an area bordered by 1300 East Street and Highland Drive, and Miller Avenue and Woodland Avenue, as well as a roundabout at approximately 2300 East and 2700 South. Learn more about the boundary adjustment.

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