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Business Resources for COVID-19

Business Resources for COVID-19

UPDATE: We are experiencing a high volume of calls at the moment. For faster turnaround, redirect all questions and comments to our social media channels. A comprehensive list of business resources are updated here daily.

We have streamlined COVID-19 (and now, earthquake) resources for Salt Lake City’s business community to plan, prepare, and respond to the COVID-19 virus outbreak. There will be updates. As we follow public health guidelines and common sense, we will give Salt Lake City the best opportunity to stay resilient during this challenging economic time.


Salt Lake City’s Emergency Loan Program (ELP) for business owners. This is in addition to the SBA loan. We strongly encourage you to review and apply ASAP.
Salt Lake City's Emergency Loan Program for Businesses


Another resource for Salt Lake City EMPLOYERS to support their employees: the ‘Tip Your Server’ Project! Let’s lend a hand to those who serve us. DONATE if you can!
Ty Burrell Tip Your Server Project Salt Lake City


NEW: Business Impact Survey for any potential earthquake damage and potential revenue loss. We’re asking all SLC businesses to take this new survey.
Salt Lake City's Emergency Loan Program for Businesses


Salt Lake City business owners are now eligible to apply for low-interest loans from the SBA. We strongly encourage you to review and apply ASAP.
Small Business Administration COVID-19 Emergency Loan for Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall has issued a declaration of a State of Local Emergency to prepare for the potential spread of COVID-19 and is providing continuing guidance for our City. We are embracing state guidelines to limit gatherings and social distancing practices. There will be no interruption of service for public utilities, including water and trash pickup. To help your business prepare, the livestream “Corona Virus Employer Information Session” presented by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development provided some great employer guidance.

How is the Coronavirus impacting your business? Take the COVID-19 Business Impact Survey.

The Department of Economic Development has put out a survey for local businesses to keep us stay informed on COVID-19 developments. How are you feeling the impact? What should the City be thinking about to support you better?

We have collected responses so far, and here are the results, to date.

If you have already taken the survey, but your needs have changed, please take the survey again. Let’s keep the lines of communication open.

If we follow public health guidelines and these common-sense economic rules, we will give our City the best opportunity to minimize the economic impact. Follow the guidance of trusted sources. In a public health emergency the sources of choice are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Utah Department of Health.

Here are Additional Resources to Help Guide Your Business Decisions:


Salt Lake City business owners are now eligible to apply for low-interest loans from the SBA. We strongly encourage you to review and apply ASAP.
Small Business Administration COVID-19 Emergency Loan for Salt Lake City


Salt Lake City’s Emergency Loan Program (ELP) for business owners. We strongly encourage you to review and apply ASAP.
Salt Lake City's Emergency Loan Program for Businesses


If you have lost your job or had hours reduced, there is help. Click on these links —> for unemployment insurance benefits, and Utah’s WIC program.
Workforce Services Unemployment Claim and WIC


As an employer, if I need to shut down operations temporarily because of COVID-19 can my workers file for unemployment benefits? Yes.
Employers apply for unemployment insurance Utah


Here is the most recent guidance from the State of Utah regarding COVID-19 for businesses and residents.
State of Utah COVID-19 Resources


Salt Lake Area Restaurants have launched a website to help navigate curbside/takeout orders during the Coronavirus outbreak.
Support Salt Lake City Restaurants COVID-19


Local arts COVID-19 updates and community support.
Salt Lake City Arts Organizations Support COVID-19


Federal and local assistance programs. Click on these links from the Utah SBDC, Suazo Business Center, and Utah SCORE.
Small Business COVID-19 Resources


Click on this link to access the most recent information from the Salt Lake Chamber including valuable information for employers.
Salt Lake Chamber COVID-19 Resources


Can I establish temporary child care for my employees? Yes. Click on these links —>; for business/employer FAQ, and parent resources. From Utah Department of Workforce Services.
Child Care Help COVID-19 Resources Utah


Salt Lake County resources are updated here regularly.
Salt Lake County COVID 19 Information


The Department of Labor workforce advisory on how to protect workers from potential COVID-19 exposures.
Department of Labor COVID 19 Resources

Utah Office of Tourism

Updated information on ski resorts, parks, and travel advisory updates.
Utah Office of Tourism COVID-19 Resources


Unique concerns and impacts that the outbreak has on underserved, underrepresented, and vulnerable populations.
Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs COVID 19 Resources


Utah Transit Authority will post updates regarding mass transit schedules and any closures.
salt lake city permits licensing taxes

If You Have Symptoms, Stay Home

We get it. Especially for small business owners, it’s next to impossible to skip work. Or you may have a big deadline you need to meet at the office– you’re not feeling good, but you may want to plow through it anyway. And what if you or your employees don’t have sick leave? Or you have an employee that doesn’t want to use their sick leave? They may still come to work if they have like a slight fever and a slight cough.  Dr. Angela Dunn, state epidemiologist, with the Utah Department of Health said, “(If they have COVID-19 symptoms) we do not want them to do that right now. They need to stay at home.  We need to make sure that our leave policies are not a barrier and we need to protect the privacy of your employees.” What would you do if you contracted the virus? What would happen if your employees contract the virus?  What are what are some steps you can take now to prepare? At this point we are still a low risk state however, it is likely we will see more cases and therefore, important to anticipate and get your workplace ready.

The Incubation is 14 Days

Dr. Angela Dunn, state epidemiologist, with the Utah Department of Health said, “Because we don’t have vaccines and we don’t know the course of the disease it’s very important to understand this because this is the 14-day quarantine and isolation recommendations are based on this. An incubation period is from the time you’ve been exposed to the disease the maximum of time until you actually show symptoms. So, for COVID-19 that’s between 2 and 14 days. So, if you get exposed today, and you have no system for 14 days, that means you did not develop the disease and you’re clear to go.” Dr. Dunn presented key facts to arm yourself with the right information.

The things we need to start thinking about for your business are:

  • Will any type of mass gatherings impact your business?
  • How will absenteeism impact your workforce? Let’s say worse case scenario is 50% absenteeism. Start cross-training employees and/or consider temp agency solutions ahead of time. Here is a case study on staggering shifts.
  • How will you implement technology solutions to overcome the challenge? While 80% of those that get the virus, the symptoms will actually be fairly mild. So, if you can telecommute it should be easier to work from the comfort of your own home.
  • Think through potential supply chain eruptions. You might have already been feeling this already given the travel restrictions, but that’s likely to just increase as we move forward in this outbreak.
  • Cancel work-related travel, especially to high risk countries. As of March 10th, cancel all non-essential travel to those countries of high risk – China, Korea, Iran, Japan and Italy.
  • Learn how to identify employees who show symptoms. Call Utah’s Coronavirus Information Hotline: 1-800-456-7707, they can walk you through the process

Set an example.  If you’re sick, stay home. Set a great example to the rest of your employees that they should also be the same.

Be flexible. Some employers may require a medical note for people to return to work. We’re asking at this time that you be flexible and consider (for those experiencing mild symptoms) this is overwhelming our healthcare systems, which prevents optimal care for the severe cases. “We’re trying to avoid people who have symptoms mild symptoms rushing the emergency rooms and going to their clinics are overwhelming them,” said Dunn, “Let’s try to be a little more flexible in terms of trusting our employees of their staying home with symptoms that may not require an elevated the whole medical attention.”

Be smart, educate your employees. Increase cleanings of ‘high touch’ surfaces to 2 times per day. Handle food carefully. Practice good hand hygiene. Need more resources? A great place to start is, Salt Lake County Health Department, and the Center for Disease Control’s website. Highlights from the presentation:

As a business leader, you are part of the solution. You are needed in order to make sure that we don’t spread COVID-19 throughout our community. Increase cleanings, lead policies to educate your employees, and prepare for the health of individuals and your business to make sure that we can weather the storm.

A Letter from our Business Advisory Board (BAB) Salt Lake City’s Business Advisory Board has set forth a letter to Mayor Erin Mendenhall to help direct City economic policy, promote small business growth, and assist the City in remaining responsive to the business community. Click here for a link to the COVID-19 business support letter.

Salt Lake City thanks you in advance for your cooperation in minimizing the economic impact of COVID-19 in our community. We have great faith in the Salt Lake City business community. Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any concerns. If you or one of your employees have an immediate health concern call the Utah Department of Health COVID-19 hotline at 1-800-456-7707.