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Darin Piccoli

Darin Piccoli

Business Advisory Board, District 1

Darin Piccoli is a new member of Salt Lake City’s Business Advisory Board. He represents Council District 1.

As co-owner of The State Room and First Tracks Entertainment, Darin is passionate about music and artist cultivation. He envisions venues that evolve into a showplace where national and regional acts alike could grow their audience and develop a rich and lasting relationship with local music fans. Since opening The State Room’s doors in 2009, he has done just that – attracting major talent from around the country. He co-produces the ‘Live At The Eccles’ popular events series at the new downtown George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Theater as well as the new Deer Valley Concert Series and is part owner of OP Rockwell in Park City.

He recently opened The Commonwealth Room, a new concert venue in South Salt Lake, a 700-capacity music hall, and sister venue to The State Room.

Darin’s first experience with lease negotiation for the State Room no doubt prepared him for his current projects. Together with his partner, the negotiation process required him to craft and present a clear vision for the building, an effort that required several iterations and careful planning.

The State Room also reflects Darin’s wider commitment to the community. Though original intended only as a great place for music, it has evolved into a gathering place — hosting events for KUER’s RadioWest, HEAL-Utah and Pecha-Kucha.

Thank you Darin for bringing your talents and commitment to Salt Lake City’s business community!

Q&A with Darin Piccoli

What are you excited about in District 1? We are part of a big wave of downtown growth. When I first moved here almost 20 years ago, there wasn’t much of a downtown, now it feels like it spreads all the way to the ball field. It is exciting to be a part of it!
What changes would you like to see happen in District 1? Walkability is the new fashion. We are a sprawl city but I do see opportunity for enclaves of downtown neighborhoods. Beautifying State Street and creating a safer environment is everyone’s utmost concern.
What is your favorite “Third Place” to hang out in the District 1 neighborhood? The various events and festivals on Library Square and City Hall. I wish we had events there every weekend!
What do small businesses in Salt Lake City need more help with? A cohesive location of all the opportunities the city has to offer small businesses.
What is Salt Lake City doing right for business? Lately it seems like the city has been very aware and pro-active with hearing from businesses and owners.
What is the first word or words that come to mind when you think of Salt Lake City? Believe it or not, progressive!

About the Business Advisory Board:
The Business Advisory Board (BAB) is made up of city business owners and community leaders who partner with Salt Lake City’s Department of Economic Development. Its members are appointed by the mayor and must be SLC residents and/or have ownership interest in a Salt Lake City business. BAB helps direct city economic policy, promotes small business growth, supports local entrepreneurs, and encourages businesses to relocate to our city.

As part of an ongoing effort to keep SLC’s business community in the loop, the BAB shares synopses of monthly meetings on the Salt Lake City Economic Development’s blog page. Recordings are available to the public as well.