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Fix The Bricks

Salt Lake City offers unique opportunity for home owners to implement seismic retrofits to their Unreinforced Masonry homes (URMs)

Unreinforced masonry (URMs) buildings and homes create the greatest risk for the Salt Lake Valley in the expected Utah earthquake. Salt Lake City’s Fix the Bricks facilitates seismic improvements for its residents URMs in an effort to save lives by reducing the number of deaths, injured and trapped after an earthquake. Preparedness starts at home. Act now!

The funding that supports this program comes from the federal pre-disaster mitigation grant. The city intends to apply for the grant every year and every year we try to increase the amount of properties we are capable of bringing in to the program. During open enrollment grant periods, we go through applications on the wait-list based on the order we have received them. To get on the waiting list complete the registration form.

You will be contacted by us to set up a home evaluation once your name has moved close to the top. Once you are accepted in the program you will go through several phases.

Register by visiting this link: Registration Form

Nominated for the Fix the Bricks program

Congratulations Salt Lake City’s Critical Infrastructure Coordinator and Fix The Bricks Program Manager, Audrey Pierce and her team for winning the 2019 Western States Seismic Policy Council (WSSPC) Overall Award in Excellence in the category Mitigation Efforts!

Salt Lake City was honored to be nominated for this award by the Utah Seismic Safety Commission. Salt Lake City was selected from among other regional nominations which was presented to Fix The Bricks, Program Manager, Audrey Pierce and Utah DEM Mitigation and Recover Section Manager, Brad Bartholomew at the 2019 Western States Seismic Policy Council Annual Meeting held in The Marriott University Park in Salt Lake City, Utah, at an Awards Lunch on April 26, 2019.

What to expect?

We are aware it can take some time to be accepted into the program. Here is some additional information about how the process works.

During open enrollment grant periods, we go through applications on the wait-list based on the order we have received them in. You will be contacted by us to set up a home evaluation once your name has moved further up the queue. At the point that we have come out and evaluated your home, participation in the program has several phases. If you have submitted an application through the above link you will be entering the pre-application phase.

The next phase of the application process includes a home evaluation, a homeowners meeting, a project scope of work with seismic details from an engineer, a historic review and a benefit cost analysis. All the work from the application phase is then reviewed by the grant authorities.

Once we have the award there is a contract phase. This is when you would get construction bids and submit necessary documentation of your ability to pay your portion. If all your paperwork is approved, the construction phase can begin. The final phase is a closeout phase to make sure everyone has been paid and to verify that all seismic work has been completed.

 For more information email: or call 801-799-3698

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that this information gives you a better idea of what to expect and why it takes so long. Please continue to be patient with us as we look forward to working with you as soon as we have the availability. We will be in touch as more information becomes available.

We are looking forward to working with you in making our community safer!

More Resources

Look into non-structural improvements, such as bracing :

  • Water Heater
  • Bookshelves and Large appliances.
  • Wall mounted file cabinets, TVs and shelves.

Visit FEMA’s publications: Earthquake Hazard Hunt and Protecting against earthquake damage

It is important you understand the risk factors inside your home. Please make the time to take the assessment test on Page 26 from the guide Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country.

Useful Links

Utah Preservation Directory for contractors, engineers, etc. – This link will get you to a directory of professionals experienced in preserving older buildings.

Utah Guide of URM Dwellings – This link will take you to a manual of seismic retrofitting details.

Utah Seismic Safety Commission – This link will take you to our partner the Utah Seismic Safety Commission where you can find earthquake information.

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) – This link takes you to the EERI website.

See the Wasatch Fault Magnitude 7.0 Scenario Report – This link will take you to information about the probabilities of an earthquake and possible impacts.

Utah Division of State History – This link will take you to get information for historical tax credit and SHPO compliance.

Utah Heritage Foundation – This link takes you to Preservation Utah which connects owners of historic properties with professionals across the spectrum of historic preservation services through our Preservation Directory.

SLC Building Permits and Enforcement – Contractors need this link to request a permit inspections.

SLC Housing Stability – This link offers program for affordable housing and other possible funding for rehabbing homes.

Contributing Partners – THANK YOU!