Salt Lake City

Mayor's Office of Equity & Inclusion

August 2021 declared as Pacific Islander Heritage Month in SLC

WHEREAS, the first group of 46 Pacific Islander settlers arrived on August 28, 1889 to establish the Iosepa settlement in Tooele County’s Skull Valley, becoming the first members of a now thriving community of 50,000 Pacific Islanders who call Utah home; and

WHEREAS, we honor and recognize the courage and perseverance of those first 46 trailblazing Pacific Islander settlers for pursuing their hopes and dreams in a new land, despite cultural shock, racial discrimination and social inequity hardships; and

WHEREAS, in 2012 the month of August was officially declared as Pacific Islander Heritage Month in the State of Utah; and

WHEREAS, today, Salt Lake City is enriched by the influence of the proud Pacific Islander people and culture, including its diversity, arts, cuisine, business, government, and sports; and

WHEREAS, Salt Lake City is honored to host the 9th Annual Utah Pacific Island Heritage Month Kick-Off event and a variety of other activities, including art exhibits, live music, and food festivals throughout the month.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Erin Mendenhall, Mayor of Salt Lake City, proclaim August 2021 as:


To view an electronic copy of the signed resolution, click here.

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