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Mayor's Office of Equity & Inclusion

Accessible Public Events

Per the ADA, people with disabilities must be able to obtain or enjoy the same goods, activities, services, and benefits that are available to other members of the public. At a temporary event, participants with disabilities must be able to:

  • Obtain information and directions prior to the event.
  •  Arrive at the site in the same ways as others can (e.g. via private automobile, taxi, public transportation, event shuttles).
  •  Find and use accessible parking.
  • Get from accessible parking to entrances.
  • Obtain additional information and directions on site.
  • Move around the site as needed.
  • Attend performances, participate in activities, and enter exhibits.
  • Experience and enjoy activities, even if the participant’s disability affects their ability to communicate.
  • Select and purchase items at concessions.
  • Use public toilets, telephones, water fountains, shelters, first aid stations, and other common amenities.

For more information, see the ADA National Network’s Planning Guide for Making Temporary Events Accessible to People With Disabilities 

The ADA Audio Conference Series: Planning Accessible Temporary Events is a training that provides an overview of the ADA National Network’s Planning Guide. Please feel free to click this link to access the ADA National Network’s Planning Guide.

Planning an event? Fill out a SLC Special Event Permit Application or visit the Event Permits website

SLC Accessible Events Checklist

Questions about accessible events? Email ADA Coordinator

Other questions about your event? Email Special Event Permits Staff

Complaints that a Salt Lake City Corporation program, service, or activity is not accessible to persons with disabilities should be directed to:

Ashley Lichtle, ADA Coordinator
Office of the Mayor
451 South State Street, Room 345
Salt Lake City, UT 844114-5474
Phone: 801-535-7739
TTY: 711
Fax: 801-535-6331