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Demonstration Permit Instructions

STEP 1: Check on site availability (if applicable).

City Parks:
If you are requesting to use a Salt Lake City park, square or plaza to hold a demonstration, we recommend verifying park availability with SLC Parks main line at 801-972-7800 as there may be other activities occurring at the park.

Once the demonstration permit application has been submitted and the processing fee has been paid, the proposed date(s) will automatically be placed on hold from future applications requesting that date, if available. All locations, dates, and times are subject to change even after the processing fee has been paid. Reservations are pending until final approval has been granted and the conditions of the permit have been completed by the applicant.

STEP 2: Submit a completed Demonstration Permit Application.

The Special Event Permitting Office recommends submitting applications 3 to 6 MONTHS prior to the event setup date.  This is to allow adequate time to check and find an available time, date, location for your requested event. As well as allow time for the various City Departments and outside agencies to review the details of the permit request and make their recommendations/requirements. Then time for you (the applicant) to complete the conditional checklist in order to receive the final permit.

The EARLIEST a demonstration permit application can be submitted is 364 days prior to the requested event date.

The LATEST  a demonstration permit application can be submitted is NO later than 30 DAYS prior to the requested event date.

Due to a high volume of permit requests, it may take 2-3 business days for the Special Events Permit Office to process your application. Applications must be turned in with a detailed site/course route map before the review process begins. The site/course route map should clearly include all of the following that may be applicable to your demonstration: proposed road closures, tents, stages, etc.

A Spontaneous Demonstration is defined as activities occurring due to news or affairs coming into public knowledge fewer than 14 days before the event. Spontaneous Free Expression activities do not pay the processing fee and do not receive a Final Permit. If you are planning a Spontaneous Free Expression activity, then please complete our Spontaneous Free Expression form to notify Salt Lake City about your activity. The Special Event Permit Office will follow up with confirmation of your activity and notify you if any coordination with our Event Review Committee needs to take place. Steps 2-5 in these instructions do not apply to Spontaneous Free Expressions, but please fill out an application for further instructions.

Spontaneous Free Expression Notification (Google Form) 

STEP 3: Pay $6 processing fee.

Applications are not sent out for review until the processing fee has been paid. The $6 processing fee must be paid within 7 business days once the Special Events Permit Office has notified you that your application has been entered into our system. Payment may be made with all major credit cards, debit cards, cash or check. If you do not pay within 7 business days, your permit request will be cancelled and you will need to resubmit an application.

PLEASE NOTE: Payment of the processing fee does NOT guarantee a Final Permit. The processing fee is strictly for entering your application into the permit process for further review. The fee is non-refundable.

Payment methods:

  • Credit Card: Once your application is processed by the Special Events Permit Office, you will receive an automatic email with a link to pay the fee online. (All credit card transactions have a 2.12% surcharge.)
  • Checks: Please make checks payable to Salt Lake City Corporation and mail them to the Gallivan Center, 239 South Main Street SLC, UT 84111.

STEP 4: Complete your Conditional Checklist.

Once payment has been submitted, we send your application to our Event Review Committee to determine requirements and special notes for your event. Due to a high volume of permit requests, this review process may take 2-3 weeks to complete and are prioritized by date. After all entities have reviewed your request, we will send you a Conditional Checklist that must be completed in order to be issued a Final Permit. Please make sure to compile written approval for all checklist items and submit them in one email to by your assigned due date.

STEP 5: A Final Permit is issued.

The Special Events Permit Office will review your approval documentation and issue a Final Permit once all requirements have been completed and submitted to our office. Please have a copy of your Final Permit on-site at your event.

If you submit your Conditional Checklist packet after your assigned due date, you risk a denied permit. If your event is held without a Final Permit,  you can risk all future permit requests as well as potentially being charged with a Class B Misdemeanor.

AGREEMENT: By signing and submitting the Salt Lake City Corp. Special Event Permit Application, applicant is held responsible for all information, requirements, and disclaimers found within these instructions.

COST RECOVERY: Be aware that you could incur costs for any services provided beyond “basic city
services.” An Estimate of Cost Recovery form will be provided to you before the event. A permit will not be issued until the cost of the estimate has been paid or security is posted. Additional city services could include, but are not limited to, police services, park cleanup, and/or extraneous administrative work because of changes after application submittal. Final Accounting will be settled after your event and could result in a refund or additional invoice.

CONFIRM LOCATION: Demonstration permits are for use on approved public forum locations only. Public Forum use is determined by time, place, and manner. Please speak to the Special Event Permitting Office about your proposed location before moving forward. CONTACT: or 801-535-6121.

MARKETING MATERIAL: The City will not be responsible for those printed materials, promotional items, etc. if dates, locations, and/or other requested services are denied, amended, or changed during the permit


1. Any signs must be carried by hand or supported by lathe-type sticks only.

2. You may not interfere with pedestrians or vehicular traffic. If people do not stop to listen to you, you may not
insist that they do so. Specifically, you may not grab or attempt to physically restrain or touch visitors of the
businesses or residences in the area or any person on public or private property.

3. You may not block or attempt to block any entrance or driveway.

4. The petitioner has agreed that the group leader will be the group coordinator.

5. The petitioner shall use its best efforts to notify all participants of these rules before the start of the event.

6. The petitioner acknowledges that the event is for nonviolent purposes.

7. The petitioner agrees to be responsible to leave the areas of the event clean, and that all objects such as: signs, sticks, leaflets, or candles will be removed by the petitioner’s group.

8. The petitioner acknowledges the constitutional right of anyone to ignore or not listen to your group and ignore or not read any information literature that your group may be passing out.

9. Your group may not obstruct the free passage of pedestrians, vehicles, block driveways, entrances, or exits to any business or building, and may not enter onto private property without the permission of the property owner.

10. The group shall abide by all pertinent local, state, and federal ordinances and laws while conducting the activity.

11. Violent acts will NOT be tolerated in any manner.

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