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Salt Lake City believes that public input is very important in making the right decisions for our City. Please see projects that are currently collecting feedback! The City Feedback Community is an essential tool in engaging and seeking feedback from residents. Sign-up to receive feedback opportunities.

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Current Feedback Opportunities

Childcare Ordinance

The City’s Planning Division seeks to analyze barriers in the current Zoning Ordinance to further support the development of home daycare and child daycare centers near the places we live, with the intent of implementing the following goals adopted in the Growing SLCPlan.

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Scooter Draft Ordinance

In July 2018, the first dockless scooter companies launched in Salt Lake City. Over the past 18 months, Salt Lake City has been piloting the use of Dockless Shared Micro-Mobility devices, mainly e-scooters.Throughout this time Salt Lake City Transportation Division has been creating an ordinance based on public comments, lessons learned, and best practices from around the country. A draft ordinance has been created and we are asking for your feedback.

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