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Incentivized Rent Assistance Funding Opportunity!

Incentivized Rent Assistance Funding Opportunity!

In May of 2019, the Salt Lake City Mayor and City Council approved a 0.5 percent increase to the City’s portion of sales tax. This effort is otherwise referred to as the Funding Our Future initiative. Salt Lake City has appropriated $656,250 of the Funding our Future sales tax to be used to implement an Incentivized Rent Assistance program.

This program provides outcome-based, short term rent subsidies to households who are experiencing a temporary financial crisis. The intent of the funding is that the household may receive up to 6 months of rent assistance, taking into consideration the financial impact of the temporary crisis (i.e. medical bill, broken down car, temporary job loss, etc.). These households may be in need of short-term rent assistance to prevent an eviction or homelessness. Funding is limited to households that meet the HUD definition of 60% AMI, or below. The intent of these funds is to provided assistance and will incorporate an incentivized program requirement with case management to assist clients who complete programming that demonstrates an outcome of increased income or benefits, a decrease in expenses, or both (i.e. a job training, financial management, or budgeting course). The “incentivization” is meant to both stabilize households in housing as well as motivate their completion of a program that will improve their lasting self-sufficiency.

Below is a “Guidebook” for the program. Please read it thoroughly:

Applications are due Friday, May 17, 2019 at 11:59pm.

For questions, contact:

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