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2020 – 2024 Consolidated Plan

2020 – 2024 Consolidated Plan

The Consolidated Plan is the City’s five-year plan for addressing priority needs and goals in the community with Federal resources, such as Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG), HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME) and Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA). In the past, the City has utilized these funding sources to address infrastructure improvements including streets, sidewalks, ramps, parks, etc. In addition, these funds have been responsive at addressing housing needs, provided funding for social service programs, economic development activities, etc. That being said, Federal regulations do allow the city to expand the use of these funds so long as it aligns with regulatory requirements and is identified as a critical need within our community. To that end, Salt Lake City needs feedback from citizens, community members, and city department/division experts.

This plan period is anticipated to result in $25 million -$35 milion of funding being available for the community.

In the coming months, HAND will be hosting approximately three events with Community Engagement Partner (Muriel Xochimitl from X Factor) and Consolidated Plan Consultant (Susan Becker from Zion Public Finance, Inc). These events are the opportunity to provide input on current gaps the City is facing and outline how Federal funding could support City Divisions in reaching their goals during the 2020-2024 time-frame. The Consolidated Plan will be a key factor in future applications for Federal funding through the City.

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