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Priced Out: Affordable Housing in Utah

University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics Forum, September 16, 2019

September 16, 2019: Priced Out: Affordable Housing in Utah from Hinckley Institute on Vimeo.

  • Mayor Jacqueline K. Biskupski, Salt Lake City
  • Clark Ivory, CEO, Ivory Homes
  • Chris Parker, Director, GIV Group
  • James Wood, Ivory-Boyer Senior Fellow, Gardner Policy Institute
  • Jennifer Napier Pearce, Editor, The Salt Lake Tribune (moderator)

This Hinckley Institute forum panel discussion on housing affordability, included:

  • The current landscape of the housing market
  • Whether easing land-use regulations boost the supply of housing
  • If developers should be required to build more lower-cost housing
  • What local governments should do to limit rent increases (if anything)
  • The role short-term rentals have played in housing affordability
  • The prevalence (and future) of single-family homes in urban areas

Mayor Biskupski:

Salt Lake City is one of the fastest growing housing markets in the country. Growth in City’s population and employment supports a vibrant community in which many want to live and work, however these new residents have increased the demand for housing and driven-up housing costs across the City for both homes and rental units.

As Mayor, I know that an imbalance in our City’s housing affordability stock could impact the City’s economic growth and competitiveness, push more households into housing instability, evictions or homelessness, and prevent residents from homeownership opportunities.

Which is why my administration passed and have been implementing, Growing SLC: A Five Year Housing Plan, 2018-2022, the first housing plan for the City in 20 years. Growing SLC lays out a number of comprehensive solutions and policies to address the lack of affordable housing, now and in the future.

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