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Salt Lake City’s Housing Solutions at Hinckley Institute of Politics

On February 19th, 2020, Salt Lake City staff had the honor to participate in a forum at the Hinckley Institute of Politics at the University of Utah. The forum covered a range of topics on affordable housing and long term housing solutions.

Lani Eggersten-Goff, Director, Salt Lake City Housing and Neighborhood Development
Dejan Eskic, Senior Research Analyst, Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute
Tammy Hunsaker, Senior Project Manager, Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City 
-And the event was moderated by Angela Price,  Project & Policy Manager, Salt Lake City Housing and Neighborhood Development.

The questions Angela asked the panel were:

Framing the problem

  1. Kem C Gardner Policy Institute is a well-respected national entity studying the affordable housing crisis.  Dejan can you please talk about the research Kem C Gardner is conducting and what factors are leading to the housing crisis in Utah.
  2. Let’s discuss the difference between housing affordability and affordable housing and what role the government plays in each?

Barriers to addressing the problem

  1. What are the barriers to increasing housing affordability in Salt Lake City?
  2. Many studies show that NIMBYism is one of the main barriers to zoning changes, density, and ensuring housing for all residents. What are ways we can break down those barriers?

Solutions to the problem

  1. Policy is a critical component to addressing the housing crisis.  Can you talk about housing policy both on a state and local level, what has been done, and in your opinion what needs to be done?
  2. What innovative partnerships should be formed or are already formed that are addressing housing in Salt Lake City?
  3. What role does local zoning play in the housing market, what should we be considering, and what are we already doing?
  4. Many states like California are taking drastic measures to address housing in their state, such as limiting a municipality’s ability to zone and taking away land use authority if they don’t build more affordable housing units. Do you think this policy approach needs to be replicated in Utah? Are there successful national policies that should be implemented in Utah?

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